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    Could anyone post A black coloured Monk(male) with fow armor (not that important) and a blindfold.

    I would like to see how a blindfold suits male fow armor

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    Nanarya Odarion

    I just love this Armor combo for female Monk, also with the Tormented Shield and the Fellblade

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    Can anyone post monk armor with 15k Kurzick Top, 15k Woven Pants, and Primeval Hands and Shoes! Thanks in advance! ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metafrank View Post
    Saying something "looks" some way is highly subjective by nature. None taken
    I was just pointing out that only because these items are all very expensive, -> I <- still think the combo of them, a blind monk with ice blocks for hands, doesn't look good.
    I should type "imo" a lot more, it would save me from much trouble^^
    Saying "imo" is redundant, since everything you say is your own opinion. Also, there are countless pictures in the armor threads that are freaking ugly. The best thing to do is just chuckle to yourself and go about your business. You never know when a comment can be taken too seriously.

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    Here's my monk, being a pervert.

    And just a regular picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmine leb View Post
    Dang thats awesome, what place is that? o.o

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    My current mix of armor. I like it.

    Dwarven Top
    Asuran Bottom
    Chaos Gloves
    1.5k Woven Sandals

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    Female Vabbian armor, dyed white

    I love this armor (had it earlier in other dye color).

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    Rox LB
    This is my fave leet armour combo atm..
    Dwarven Headgear, Labrynthine chest and arms, Norn boots and leggings, all dyed black...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuildWarsGirlAmy View Post
    My current mix of armor. I like it.

    Dwarven Top
    Asuran Bottom
    Chaos Gloves
    1.5k Woven Sandals

    Neat combo! pretty unique I'd say.

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