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Thread: Pumpkin heads!!

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    Pumpkin heads!!

    this *IS* real, the guy with it was korean and couldnt explain a thing, the item he was using was called something "squash". This is almost exactly like the idea i submitted :P weee

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    I want a pumpkin!!!! 2 hour farm session here I come!

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    any info on how to get it?

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    HMMM i didn't find nothing like that and i have ran all around LA in side and outside no pumkim head??? so i must say where can we get one

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    absolutely no idea where we get one yet :/ the guy had very bad english

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    I've heard its from HoH, but not sure.

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    GWOnline.Net Member IIIPowerIII's Avatar

    New collector in ascalon. 3 charr Carving
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    GWOnline.Net Member Wandalf's Avatar

    ^ What he said

    New collector in Ascalon will give you 4 kinds of potions in exchange for Charr carvings.
    One of them makes a small Wraith appear that says "Boo", and one turns your head into a pumpkin.
    No idea about the other two.

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    in lions arch theres a horseman collector who for decayed orr emblems gives u great items, squash something for a pumpkin head, witchs brew, sorta like getting drunk, abstine for a green firey glow, and ghost in the box for a ghost in a box!

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    The brew makes you hallucinate like you're on acid! :D

    the ghost in a box just rocks LOL!


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