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    Seeking members to rebuild a guild

    I recently cleaned house on my guild and deleted members that had 3 months inactive time.

    I am recruiting new members that are interested in helping me rebuild.

    The guild, The Jun Horde, is a PvE primary guild. We are based in the U.S. I play primarily during the morning and my officer and other members play at night. Some of us are in the Central Time zone and others are in the Pacific.

    We are laid back and casual. We help each other out with quests and missions. We laugh at our own mistakes and have fun doing it. We have capes if you want to turn it on. We have a hall (if we ever get enough for some serious GvG) and a website.

    Check us out at www.geocities.com\gwjunhorde or message me here. If you want to catch me in game contact General Thade and we can talk.

    I look forward to hearing form you.

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    I would like to welcome Red Nosed Monk to the Jun Horde.

    Who else will sign up?

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