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    Guild Looking For More Members, Mainly PvE

    We mostly do PvE although we're not completely off of PvP. We might do the odd teams every week or so but as for now we're mainly into PvE. Once we get more members we hope to start GvGing on at first a weekly basis and then progress the schedule as membership increases. We do missions and quests frequently and expect new members to be helpfull as we are to them. We do UW and FoW a lot and farm quite a bit If members have equipment or resources they're willing to share that would be great as we are a very open guild when it comes to money. I consider my guild to be fairly helpfull and friendly. At the moment we have about 6-8 everyday to everyother day activity wise members. I myself am on everyday from about 4:00pm-10:00pm Eastern usually. The other members are usually on from about 6:00pm-1:00am (not consistantly, nor are on for that whole period =p) We currently have 14 members with Capes,Hall,Forum (http://s14.invisionfree.com/Misery_Signals), and TS(not a requirment, we rarely us it but its there if we do). If your not an active GWs player then thats ok, as long as you make an attempt to come on roughly 2-3 times a week.We play on the american servers if you hadn't already assumed that. Also we don't want any guild hoppers, if your going to join the guild at least give us a week or so before making up you mind and leaving. Another thing we don't want is people who abuse our open attitude toward sharing resources, we don't mind giving money/equipment here and there but if its every 10 minutes then that just won't fly.

    The guilds name is Misery Signals
    My IGNs are:

    Elementist Pierre
    Pierre the Smitist
    Felicia Everwood

    Feel free to PM me for an invite or just more info

    Notes* We have the desired amount of Officers for the guild, there will not be any more recruited and also my avatar is our cape
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