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    Show off your Ranger: A Shrine for our Rangers

    I've been through these forums several times, and I've come across various screens and artwork of many different Rangers. I first got the idea of starting this thread from the "show off your bow" thread - which became a place for people to share their bow statistics and information.

    I want this thread to be much more compelling - this thread is to display our Rangers (through screens/artwork), including information on the Ranger him/herself, as well as their bow/equipment information. I invite all Rangers to capture a photo/screen of their character, and display it here for all to see!

    The following is my primary character: "Clarity of December".
    I'll let the photo speak for itself - and I suggest that all of you do the same :)

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    :P might as well post mine~

    Finished All Quests in game
    Finished All Titan Quests
    Finished All Missions
    Finished All Bonuses
    Cleared All of Underworld
    Cleared All of Fissure of Woe
    Able to Solo forge runs :P
    hmm... yea i guess thats it... working on 4'th class set :/

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    lol kinda bad going after u Reikai, but at least my ranger looks sexy, lol joking Reikai, im sure urs is sexy underneath. Anywayz, she isnt much, but shes my Alt, shes new and she does the job.

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    This should be a ranger hall of fame. Gj guyz, i would be up there if i beat the game, only thing that i think makes me diffrent of u guyz. :(

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    Hall Of Shame!

    Thought this might get a laugh. As you can see I'm wielding the strongest bow in the game. Just thought of a lil hall of shame for a smile. Can you spot the pun?

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    Reikai, still need to win HoH and get Fissure armor. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shortyafter
    Reikai, still need to win HoH and get Fissure armor. ;)
    been there, done that.

    I'm in Peaches Look Like Butts[pLb], R6 only =D (even though I'm R3 only :P)

    oh yea~ won HoH enough times :P with Or Die Trying [ODT] and Alcoholic Beverages [GULP] its not that big of a deal IMO, i think i have like 2~3 sigils left on my elementalist ~_~.

    also, ranger fissure armor isn't that cool IMO. I'm gonna stay with my 60k druid i think.

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    I don't like the fissure armor either...the male ranger fissure isn't too bad... but the I absolutely detest the female ranger fissure...
    I invested my ectos into my STORM BOW instead :)

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    All ranger skills unlocked. lvl 20 Hearty Bear. Multiple PRACTICAL sets of armor for PvPing and Trapping. I love my modified 15 druids. Personally, I dont like looking like a boobless linebacker. No offense or anything.
    Last edited by Herr Martin Luther; 02-11-2005 at 06:16.

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    yeah im not a big fan or any fissure armour, i think 15k armours looks better anywayz. i love my rangers 15k dDuids. I havent really tryed my ranger out for pvp (just team and comp arenas), i wanna try a ranger spike group, but most spike groups are restricted to friends or guild members, not many random spike groups going around. anywayz, seen as how my ranger is only my alt character, i may start investing more money into her, maybe get a nice storm or eternal bow.

    Btw my best invesment, 20k unidentified...

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