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    Quote Originally Posted by Reikai
    ewww... collector bows ftl : (
    More belittling negative "opinions" ftl

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    whao o_0 nice ranger ~~

    I need to unlock warrior secondary now :/ :)

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    Shadowspawn, the black fissure is very nice :) I saw it in all silver once too, that looked pretty neat too!

    I like your photo/phone-frame Kiddie, and your Ranger has an interesting (but really cool) mix of armor!

    I'm working on a profile for my second Ranger...who these days has become my primary ranger ^_^

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    It seems that my picture profile has been deleted or lost with out explanation.
    Zero can you shed some light?

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    My wonderful ranger. She's the only character that I play. Lately I've been stuck on the warrior weapon kick and don't use my bows too much, but every now and then I get the urge. It got really cold in the shiverpeaks with the 15k Druids armor, so I switched to the 15k Frostbound!

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    Ranger Primaries only?

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    Quote Originally Posted by herve
    Ranger Primaries only?
    That'd be my guess!

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    Ok, here's mine:

    He's wearing a stone summit ranger armor and wielding a... huh... no, wait.

    Here she is.
    Collector armor except for the boots. I hope to be able to afford FoW leggings at some point (although if someone can show me how it fits with collector top, I'd very much like to see).
    The bow is a quest reward from Quarrel's Falls. Damage 13-25 (!), poisoner string, fortitude grip and above all additional resistance to poison! And it looks damn cool with a Deadbow look. Worth every sacrifice IMO. For close range damage, I use a couple of shortbows, one elemental and one sundering.

    Siona's completed the game except for the Titans quests, and currently helping guildies when the need arises.

    Aaaaah and she practices Tai-Chi every morning in the Guild Hall. :)

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    LOL! Tai Chi does the body good! The collectors armor isn't too bad! Nice pics! I really enjoyed the first one, shows how well the Tai Chi worked out for ya, made you look much better. You were a little stubby and sickly looking...... Glad you washed off all that snot!!!

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