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    There's my Ranger from Day 1(modeled after my Ranger from WPE) in "The Ugly Pants". Did most of everything solo. Got me first 15k(drakescale) back in early June, followed by studded a few days later and then Fissure in mid-August. All purchased with Ranger-gotten funds.(hooray for trapper runs and Diviner's Ascent)

    PS: I'd be jealous of my bow too.

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    My newest member of the family: my ranger. She finished the game, also has almost all ranger elites (just back from Snake Dance).

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    Im not a jealous noob or anything.....i have fow armor and 15k armor on 2 chars, but the storm bow doesnt fit the nature theme. it looks like a big plastic glowing sci fi geeky thing.....lol doesnt fit my ranger. Ill post pics of my ranger later.

    Black druids male armor looks coolest of any armors in the game imo.

    15k female druids is for horny little 14 year olds who dont know how to google ;)

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    dude shadowspawn who said were bashing ranger fissure armor?

    its people's opinion. If they don't like ranger fissure they don't like it. if they do they do! its all good. This is just a place to show off your ranger. thats it. not the put down in solid rock which armors can be worn or not.

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    This is Ivan, say 'hi'.
    He has 15k Druid's and 15k Drakescale. His bow? The awsome collector's bow right outside Augury Rock for 5 Topaz Crests with a cheap +20 health mod. I can be rich when I want to, but 150k for a bow is too much when I could get one of similar power for free.

    No special effects because I fail at Photoshop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Findariel
    My newest member of the family: my ranger. She finished the game, also has almost all ranger elites (just back from Snake Dance).

    WOW! U dont pvp do you? Or u leave right b4 u die? How did u beat the game and did allt he stuff in 70 somtin hours with a ranger. It makes me jealous lol! Well GJ ur achievement by far is the most impressive. If we had some voting thing ur top of my list.

    Ill be posting my own thingy soon, trying to make it look cool and all that! :surprise: If some one can teach me to get it onto the web site that would be very nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowspawn X
    When you have a show off shrine which should be a feel good thread. Then a group of people has to has to critize the others hiding behind "their opinion". Is pretty weak. Now people are posting pictures of thier fissure in the same thread as you guys are knocking it down. Nice work.... you feel good now?

    Zero sorry for the outburst. I apologize to all.
    i wasn't even going to post until he decided to hate on female fissure armor.

    oh, and if a ranger isn't wearing full druid's, whether 1.5k, 15k or fissure. i assume (and rightfully so) that they are complete n00bc4k3z.

    OH and i had full fissure before famine and juliana, too. they were still wearing studded skirts. :happy65:
    Last edited by against; 03-11-2005 at 05:45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowspawn X
    If you guys think ranger fissure doesn't look good you are crazy, its easily the best looking armor in the whole game. Thats why I never put my picture up in these threads cause scrubs just start criticizing, and picking it apart because of jeaulousy. Now wheres the next loser idiot to come out and say how ugly storm bows are?
    so umm, because i like the ranger 15k armours over ranger fissure doesnt mean im going to criticize it, it means i like 15k armours over fissure. i think that comment was uncalled for. and why would i be jealous when i dont like fissure armour? think about ur comment...

    well in fact, as u can see by my post, i use a shortbow over a stormbow (even though they are both practically the same, the stormbow probably being better), so yes, i think they are ugly and i would rather use a shortbow.

    btw, i redyed my 15k druids white, ill post a pick later when i get home, at work atm.

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    mm all nice rangers here, but the one on the top of the list is The Divider...by far! :D

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    I have to admit...that female fissure armor dyed black (in against's picture) looks incredible!

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