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    Quote Originally Posted by Voldy
    Since the few posts i received saying how utterly rubbish my bow was, i've done some hunting: and have found the perfect bow.

    That's, like, my dream bow. >_> Did you find it or did you buy it? If bought, how much did it cost?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voldy
    Was thinking of changing that ;), got any suggestions?
    A vamp, poison or an elemental string (depends on the build(s) you want to use it for).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mookle X
    How do you find all of those bows with +30 health? That is amazing.
    You buy them or buy a +30 fortitude mod and add it to the bow by double clicking :)

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    Oh well, not famous here, but I wan't to show my ranger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocotroid
    That's, like, my dream bow. >_> Did you find it or did you buy it? If bought, how much did it cost?

    I got it for 100k+50 ectos.

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    Not a bad bow at all Voldy. Although the skin doesn't fit me (I prefer the more "physical" bows... unlike Eternal/Storm) Stats on it are perfect.

    It depends on what you wish to do however, with that bow.

    If you intend to interupt, you might want to keep the sundering.

    If your poisoning/Flagrunning... maybe go for the Poisoner's.

    If your an R/E with conjures doing some stuff... you might want to go the element of choice (although... I would go for a shortbow for this)

    I would suggest keeping away from Vampiric and Zealous bowstrings however... as they don't tend to fit well with the Recurve/Composite/Eternal class bows... unless your doing something like a quickshot build.

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    Very nice bow Voldy.

    Nice rangers everyone is posting up here. I am thinking about posting my second ranger just for kicks. She is just a lowly lvl9 R/Mo and has not even made it to the shiverpeaks yet. Though I just love to play rangers and had an empty slot so had to make my second ranger.

    I am trying hard to mimic Silivren with the really low deaths. So far so good as I think I have only died 2 times so far and those were just stupid mistakes on my part. If I can remember I will post her up or just might wait for her to get ascended and all before posting her up. I am thinking of going with either 15K Studded, Frostbound, or Drakes when she gets to the Southern Shiverpeaks. If there is any suggestion on which one I should go with let me know, though 15K Druids is out of the question as I just do not like the looks of it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Voldy's Avatar

    Wow, i'm surprised :), nice comments and suggestions. Thank you Reikai and Slimreb.

    Well.. i do a lot of interrupting in pvp, so at the moment i'm thinking of keeping that sundering, although, i do sometimes use poison arrow.

    But i've made my decision, i'm going to go about finding a similar perfect bow, and add a poisoning to it. :)

    Thanks again.

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    Finally got around to doing this. Halfway to getting the rest of my FoW set. :D Then my goal is to take those two bows and make em perfect 15>50 and what-not.. (By 'make' i mean find the same thing but 15>50.)

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    Plus, Haradrim, awesome colour on the Druids...and the combo of 15k druids and FoW Druids is awesome.
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