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    My second ranger, no superelite weapons or anything :p
    But i know my skills and can solo alot so im happy :happy05:

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    Here's my R/W Shinobi Of Koga (based on the anime: Basilisk: Koga Ninpou Chou):

    "Consumed by darkness, loyalty cried out... To my beloved ones... Go to your death."

    15k druid vest/leggings
    hunter's mask
    Studded leather gloves
    Collector's boots

    for use against warrior types - Ebon long sword of Swordsmanship
    (collector's type +15% w/ stance)

    for use against caster types -Furious long sword of Fortitude
    (collector's type +15% w/ stance)

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    Here's Divider in his sets of armor:

    Weapon: Ebon Half Moon of Fortitude
    14% Health is Above 50%
    +29 Health

    *Finished Game
    *Everything Unlocked for PVP - 300k Faction
    *All Ranger Elites ( PVE ) still working on all secondary elites (mesmer)
    *Dire Strider still no ELDER

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Famine

    There's my Ranger from Day 1(modeled after my Ranger from WPE) in "The Ugly Pants". Did most of everything solo. Got me first 15k(drakescale) back in early June, followed by studded a few days later and then Fissure in mid-August. All purchased with Ranger-gotten funds.(hooray for trapper runs and Diviner's Ascent)

    PS: I'd be jealous of my bow too.
    Oh I love the colour :) If I may ask, what colour dye did you use? Is it just straight on red dye that came out that colour or did you have to mix to get the pink?

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    Well she's finished everything, never says die (even in 4v1 pvp), shames the warriors, and loves saving the day ;)
    I have a couple of other primary or secondary rangers, but this is my main\oldest character. Funny though, I have better bows than the ones everyone here has shown off, but neither of my main rangers use bows :O but I'm working on another ranger primary so I'll have to put them to good use.

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    That is so neat that your ranger only uses warrior weapons! I've heard good things about R/W, but i've yet to try it out myself.

    And A Famine, I'm certainly not jealous of your bow (have you seen my storm? ^_^), I am however jealous of your armor... I think I am now in love with the female fissure >.<.. this is going to hurt my storage bank.

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    GWOnline.Net Member IIIPowerIII's Avatar

    Here's my little ranger. Shes only lvl9, will ascend tonight. Then i'll go get her DrakeScale armor. She hasnt done anything good :P shes only 6hours old :P

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    GWOnline.Net Member RilderView's Avatar

    umm hey everyone... long time no post anyways heres Rilder

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    GWOnline.Net Member Katari's Avatar


    In the inventory:

    Presearing armor, dyed pink (The only truly irreplacable set of gear any char has.)
    Some pretty flowers :)
    Archer's Mask of Superior Marskmenship (the black one she has equiped is a Traveler's Mask of Superior Wilderness Survival
    Gorrel's Staff
    7x +15%>50% bows, One of them is a longbow, rest are composite. I have every string except a sundering. (I don't really see why people like them so much) Including a 5/1 Vampiric. The grips are random, but they are all +armor or fort. The bows are color coded based on thier string.
    Red: Firey
    Green: Posioner's
    Blue: Icy
    Black: Ebon
    Purple: Zealous (Because thats the color of energy drain numbers, and blue was taken ;))
    Light Brown: Shocking (Because thats the lightest color I could get)
    Neutral: Vampiric (Because black and red were already taken)

    Note: Sliver Dye + Collector's bow = Black bow

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    ewww... collector bows ftl : (

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