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    Jacob Warrior

    Exclamation Whats a good W/R Build

    I just want to know what a good Build for W/R. I like to use swords and i cant find a good Build for it.....so i am just asking for lil help............Thxs your Friend <-----Jacob Warrior

    These are the skills that i use.
    1. Sever Artery
    2. Gash
    3. Final Thrust
    4. Seeking Blade
    5. Watch Yourself!
    6. Gladiator's Defense
    7. Troll Unguent
    8.Resurrection Signet

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    If it must be swords, sorry can not help, else if axes can hack it (yeah lame pun), consider trying this. its a basic cookie cutter.

    Warrior/Ranger (Axe Warrior)

    3)Penetrating Blow
    4)Executioners Strike
    5)Axe Rake
    7)Tigers Fury
    8)Resurection Signet

    12+3+1=16 Axe mastery
    9+1=10 Strength
    9 Beast mastery

    Get two axes, 1 with armor penetration chance(or adrenaline) and 5 armor, and an offhand switch with Zelous and 5 armor, shield that adds bonus when in a stance, as most of the time you will have tigers fury up and be chopping away like a happy lumberjack.

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    if u like swords, try this:

    battle rage*
    final thrust
    apply poison

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