Smoke and Fire is once again recruiting. We need new active members, who are still interested in the game. We are an all around guild, we PVE and GVG, would like to do more GVG though.

Our original recruitment thread, which is now several months old, the second most viewed, and replied to thread on these forums, has a good description of what our guild was, and still is about.
Smoke and Fire

We have all the regular guild stuff, capes, hall, forums, our own ts server and all that. I think the biggest draw to SaF was said best in our original thread. We just want to make it easy to party, trade and have fun. although we have grown from our humble 7 member beggining, we still try to be a close knit, friendly group, and most of that original 7 remains, but many players have become inactive due to boredom, personal lives, and many other things, so we need some new blood.

Most of our players play in the evening EST, some log in for a while around mid day aswell. So if you are a fairly active, but not militant player looking to bring some new blood into a long standing guild check us out.