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    Hell's Precipice and an Ele

    I've tried to complete Hell's Precipice with just my Ele and an all-henchmen team. However, the furthest I've gotten is until the portal wraiths before I get my *** kicked halfway across Tyria...Is there a build out there that can accomplish this?

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    I used a lot of wards (Melee, Elements and Harm) to do that with henchies, basically an Earth/Water build. Mostly relied on Conjure Frost for overall damage, then Maelstrom/Eruption for a little bit (no major nuking done) of crowd control.

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    i would say you should try it with other players... you want a few nukers... if you die alot, henchies are not that good at rezzing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icy Spicy
    ... if you die alot
    Hence ... the Wards ;)

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    E/R Fire with a Winter spirit? That could do some ugly damage.
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    I beat it on my 1st rty with my elem/mes, just using henchies as well. For the mission i was a pure echo fire nuker. If u can get to the wraiths again, all i can say is take it slow, from where the titians pop out from just camp there and pick them off one by one. After 2 (maybe 3 bosses) spawn conitues picking off small grps until ur left with the big grp of a burining titian, spark of titans, and the 3 ashen. Do ur best to take them out quick. After that its quite easy to take out the wraiths. Then the fun begins.

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    Last time I did the mission (for capping GC with my ranger), I was with an elementalist and 5 hench. Using Winter to turn all elemental damage to cold damage is very uselful in Hells.

    We did the mission quiite easily actually. Try to get an experiencer ranger with you and you should be fine.

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    I just did this one yesterday with my Me/Mo and all henchies. I would recommend bringing a bow. Use that to pull and retreat some after aggroing so you pull the minimum number of enemies. And save the Risen Ashens for last. Kill the Sparks and Burning Titans first. Once you kill an Ashen make sure you kill the Hand and Fist before killing another Ashen to minimize the spawns. When you get to the portal area just go slow, you can pretty much pull one at a time with the bow and retreat method.

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    Direct fire damage is bad, because of the high resistance to fire. Burning works well, because it is no subject to resistance (Incendiary Bonds; Imolation). Bring along Water as secondary Element for a Ward (see OP) or Maelstrom which will shut down Sparks and Ashes by 90%, All other tipps in this thread work well, too.

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    I can confirm

    the idea of E/R and Winter being quite effective even with the henchies.
    I'm not sure what my exact attributes are, but fire is 16, energy storage and earth are ~10 (with runes), and leftovers dumped into Wilderness Survival.
    Ward against elements and melee seem to be critical to success as well.

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