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    ((Merged)Merged)(Merged)Please mods, I beg of you!(Merged)

    Why, oh why, must you insist of merging so many threads!? Who cares if one thread is similar to another? The discussion branches in many different ways, why can't you just leave it alone?

    You basically kill any thread that's merged. You mix different discussions and the thread really makes no sense anymore. PLEASE, just delete the thread if necessary, but I beg of you, STOP THE MERGING!

    I have hardly been reading these forums at all lately for this reason. I suspect others are doing the same. Please take this suggestion. I know you have to maintain some order, but this is just rediculous.

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    I think this is to save bandwidth? W/e, they most likely have a valid reason.

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    Threads are merged when they're about the same topic. So, to simplify that, before beginning a new thread before should use the search function and make sure a topic on that does not already exist.

    If we didn't do that, the forums, particularly this one, would be filled with multiple threads all about the same things.

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