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    Necro build for Doppleganger

    Yah i need to ascend so please leave your build and game name so i can tell you if your build works if your in game or ill just repost it now have fun you degenernators

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    its easy just load up on the sacrifice skills and the mirror will kill its self
    and don't bring in any skill that it could use to heal

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    Necro Dopple is Easy:

    Awaken The Blood requires you to sacrifice 50% beyond that which you normally pay for life sacrificing skills. Then just fill the rest of your skill bar with other life sacrificing skills (that dont give life in return).

    Awaken The Blood works just as good as Frenzy does for Warrior (lol, which if you ever fight dopple with warrior, its pretty funny). Except you might want to stay clear away from dopple's physical damage. But seeing that ANET recently made dopple easier. That too might not be too big of a problem.

    ~CMEPTb :winking47

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