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    So you want to farm griffons? read on

    Well after the patch a lot of people are frustrated because they say "I cant farm anymore without AOE skills"
    And all I really did was modify the old build by 2 skills and voila!! now you can do it all over again a bit slower.
    Here it is

    Bonnetis Defense
    healing hands
    Judges Insight
    Strenght of Honor
    Healing Breeze
    balts aura
    cyclone axe

    Healing 8
    Smiting 9
    Tactics 9
    Axe 12

    Vamp axe with +20% enchant malinons shield
    Gladiators set

    you could change healing hands for gladiators defense, and baltz aura its only to use in case your cyclone axe gets in terrupted by the stupid scorpions do give you time to heal.
    With a max dmg +15% while enchanted axe ,personalized I do between 40-69 dmg everytime I use cyclone axe.
    Iam sure there will be more ideas in the future in the mean time this works for me.
    Enjoy Dr Nasty

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    Hm, I do a W/R build with apply poison, cyclone them for mass DoT damage - and they won't run away either.

    Devourers are extremely annoying, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Findariel

    Devourers are extremely annoying, though.
    Bait them off their traps. Hide behind Bonetti's Defense when using Troll Ungeant/Healing Sig. Make sure you're using a non-elemental damage weapon. If fighting a group of two that are side by side, hover your cursor over the one you aren't attack. If it goes to set a trap quickly switch to attack it for the interupt. That or just cyclone axe.

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