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Poll: Are you buying chapter 2 if they don't change the update?

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    Will you be buying Chapter 2 now?

    Lets see if ANET's business model got thrown out the window.

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    Of course. After the newest (fix) update i love the new system, it's fresh, fun and challenging. :) And farming is still very possible, just goes a tad slower. Even if i'd disliked the patch, i'd buy Chapter Two if only to see the continuation of the storyline. ;)

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    I definitely will.
    If the "business model" has gone out the window, I'll just have to go out and pick it up again, eh?

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    For me, I voted no, though it wasn't completely since of the new patch.

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    Wish there would have been a maybe option. I voted no, but like the previous poster not entirely because of this. Not because of farming being a bit harder (hey, I farm with my necro and it's no harder than it was before! ;)). If they get their stuff together before the next chapter (and tormentors is finished BEFORE chapter 2) I'll buy - if not, no.
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    Lets see, I have played over 1000 hours on this game. I haven't stopped playing as of yet because I enjoy this game (though I do take breaks every now and again). Of course I will buy the next chapter. Kind of seems silly to say no right now when we have no idea where the game will be going in the second chapter...might even be better then the first. But that's just me. :happy34:

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    oh i buying i dont care if they make it worse so that monsters get super spells like spontaouis combustion( it was a spell used by gwen in one the bwe endings)

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    When Guild Wars came out, the game was amazing, fun and exciting. It would still be fun and exciting if no patch for it was ever released. After all the stupid nerfs, the game is just more annoying than fun now. I like playing a game, not chasing things around a map, dealing with dying nightmares, and dealing with endless cancels to every single spell (and I'm talking about group play here, not solo farming).

    Chaper two will probably be amazing when it comes out. I'll like it, so will everyone else. Then Anet will come in playing god wanting to dictate how everyone plays a game and will nef the game to hell like they did with Chapter one. For that reason, I think in the long run I'll find that it's not worth my $50 to buy Chapter two even though I'm sure I'd love it for at least a little while.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Zxanadu's Avatar

    of course i will buy chapter 2. I love the fact that the game is a bit harder. The whole thing w/ mobs just standing there was dumb. Now that they move is awesome. It allows us to use some of those knockdown, slow down skills that weren't necessary before. I also think it might help more ppl play PvP, because it will help those whose take on the run away mobs. Which is much more consistant w/ PvP. I know I don't just stand under a fire storm for the whole time it is raining down. This will make the transition from one to the other more seemless.

    I don't PvP much right now. But maybe I will later, and I think this last patch will help. However, in PvP some ppl do run around like chickens w/ their heads cut off.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kenagalaz's Avatar

    where do i sign up for the beta or the preorder

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