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    Nvidia Forceware Drivers 81.94

    There was some newly released Nvidia Forceware drivers today. Do not intall them! They make the ground look like a checkerboard rather than a blended environment - I am using drivers 81.87 now without any problems.

    Just a heads up!!


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    81.85 had the same checkerboard problems.

    Read the driver notes for 81.94... the only reason to install them:

    If you hvae a 6800 GS or a 512 mb 7800 GTX
    Improved Call of Duty 2 and Quake 4 performance.

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    Note before installing 81.94

    The same texture issues that plagued 81.85 remain in 81.94. (They can be fixed by merely going to windowed/fullscreen mode, and changing back to what you had originally.)

    According to NVIDIA the problem will be fixed in the next release. Hang tight.

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