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    Mesmer Armor Pictures

    Okay, folks, I went around and found all the 15k pictures I could.

    Please please please do NOT post in this thread saying "I want to see..." or "What does [blah] look like" as it just unnecessarily clutters up the thread!

    However, do feel free to post what pictures you have that haven't already been posted in here!

    Here they come...

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    Female Virtuoso Set - Undyed?? - Credit: flyingkiwi

    Male Noble - Undyed?? - Credit: Nirael Soel(?)

    Female Tunic and Leggings Noble's - Undyed - Credit: Melly

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    Female Top and Boots Noble's - Dyed "Pink" (Mix unknown) - Credit: Melly

    Male Rogue - Purple - Credit: rodigee

    Male Noble - Undyed - Credit: Pinto

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    Male Virtuoso - Black (Gloves and Boots are silver) - Credit: Nobleman Azure

    Female Noble - Black (Gloves & Mask are red) - Credit: boxterduke

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    Female Rogue - Pink (mix unknown) - Credit: Crimson Stigmata

    Female Fissure - Undyed?? - Credit: boxterduke

    That's it from me.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Revenent's Avatar

    Which place has the 15k Noble for sale?

    Quote Originally Posted by snowkissed

    Female Noble - Black (Gloves & Mask are red) - Credit: boxterduke

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    Dee Lude in her 15k

    Illusionist, Dyed Blue+Silver


    Which place has the 15k Noble for sale?
    You will find the crafter at The Granite Citadal, located North of Droknars.
    Items needed for crafting, Cloth+ Damask+ 15K

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I really like the look of the female 15K Rogues. Looks really nice for some reason, Dyed black I think it would look pretty awesome, or even a dark redish/crimson. Pitty I don't like the stats on it.
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    GWOnline.Net Member boxterduke's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Revenent
    Which place has the 15k Noble for sale?
    Nice huh, this is my favorite mesmer armor although I have the fow armor.
    This is my mesmer Nadeen the purple.
    You get it from Granite Citadel.

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    My Heros' 15k enchanters armor, dyed black+red :happy34:

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