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    Probably the most terrifying sight ever to grace the GWO mesmer forum..

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lady Jade's Avatar

    I have an addiction to getting armor sets for my mes.

    Here she is wearing a new combo of 15k Rogue's with 1.5k Kurzik hose, boots, and gloves; all dyed a nice shade of purple. I'm not sure however if I should also get the 15k Rogue boots to go with it. It's certainly an eye-catcher. Now all I have left to get is Kurzik 15k.

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    GWOnline.Net Member bele's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Eowiel
    Ok this is my new obsidian armor. Finally found the color that I like.
    It's orange+3xred, it gives a much nicer red then normal red dye.

    Thats a beautiful red indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwazy
    my mesmer in her current outfit:
    Which emote is that?

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    it's /bored. Gotta catch it reasonably quick though.

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    Anyone got full 15k kurzick dyed black?

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    can somone post a picture of the female 15k kurzick Hose next to its 1.5k counterpart? i really want to see the difference before i complete my armor

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    Ugh can't edit. I meant male armour, two posts up.

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    My new-ish mes, Kimi

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    Quote Originally Posted by housemuzic
    Anyone got full 15k kurzick dyed black?
    without the mask though:

    when you zoom out and others looking at you/they might see the basic green shining through the dye job though.

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