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    My mesmer with elite canthan

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    My perma Pre with all of his outfits (from left to right)
    >> official council robe, when meeting with other nobles
    >> town clothing for walking around Ascalon
    >> adventure outfit for the hot summer months
    >> adventure outfit for the cold months of winter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistique View Post
    First Hi to every1 since this is my 1st post on this forum. I've been playing GW for almost 5 years now but made my mes like 2 yrs ago. If u ask me they r like the best prof but thats just my opinion. So here are some pics of my pretty mes! :)
    Hope u guys like it. :)
    What is 1,2 and 7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Age View Post
    What is 1,2 and 7?
    1: Monument
    2: Elite Enchanters
    7: Elite Rogues Top + Boots, and Primeval legs.

    The gloves are all the same gloves, though no idea what they are as 98% of mesmer gloves are identical anyway <_<

    And to keep this relevant for PRETTY PICTARS.

    Armor set #107 and #108 goes to Juno, who has slaughtered a kajillion Luxons in JQ has now taken fashion advice from the turtle-cuddlers. :3.

    Elite Lux and Regular Lux ^_^. The Menagerie makes for pretty pictures!
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    Thanks Fae.....

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