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    closer look:

    I love that deep red hue skuld!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimson Stigmata
    I love that deep red hue skuld!
    I'm a fan. It's just solid red dye too, not a fancy mix. But hey, if mesmer armor wants to automatically turn red dye into this nice burgundy shade, I have no problems with that :happy14:

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    GWOnline.Net Member rodigee's Avatar

    More super cool looking armor :)

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    GWOnline.Net Member boxterduke's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Trixi
    the above fissure armor should be credited to me LOL thats me and my pic, i think im the only mes with it atm

    heres more pics

    the original color is the typical mesmer green ><

    ingame name Trixi Oni
    Yup, that is what I said in a different thread when I added the PIC, I said that it is not me who has the armor but belongs to a different person. I got your from a website that does not even mention your name. lol

    Here is my 15K Enchanter armor in action. Still green since we are updating the cape for the Guild I'm in and I'm waiting to see what the final color of the cape will be before dyeing

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    GWOnline.Net Member rodigee's Avatar

    Anyone have pics of what the female collector armor looks like?

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I adore that Fissure armor. I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous I am of you :o

    Sadly I doubt I'll have that armor any time soon. I've had to go through some trial and error with my Mesmer in the money department and needless to say I'm a long way away from having that kind of money.

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    This is me in 15k enchanter gear from marhan's

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    I'm interested in pictures of the male mesmer FoW armor, if anyone has seen/bought it.

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    green/yellow mesmers vitrossos armor set.
    currently thinking of a good colour, any ideas? xD

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    mix blue and green FTW

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