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    That's incredibly gorgeous Illudia Absurdus, especially the third outfit. It does look like a 17th century sailor outfit, especially from the back; she wouldnt look out of place on a crow's nest, or swabbing the decks while singing a bawdy sailor song. Kudos

    As for the boots for the first outfit, perhaps the 1k Istani? They have a fairly plain design. There is one small part of the boot that can't be dyed though (I believe the base colour is brown).

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    Haha thank you me hearty! Bring me all of yer rum seadog, YAR?!? (Failed attempt to speak Pirate-ish lol :P)

    1K Instani is indeed brown. If you are talking about the goth outfit i dont thnk it would match as I am not a big fan of black + brown. I want to find a tone similar to the grey or something plain black which can only be offered by 1K courtly =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxterduke View Post
    RIP my FOW armor.
    Due to a recent hack, I lost this very FOW armor that I got back in August of 2005
    Shown on page 14 last post of this thread.
    Oh my, I hope you recover soon. That is really sad news.

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    Red face

    Hi, new to the forum! Wanted to post a picture of Mari, glad to find there are more armor collectors then me out there. Seems someone beat me to this combo but I absolutely adore it. So props to the previous and first person to post it. Great minds yeah?

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    =) Nice armor combo xD

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    Thank you :D

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    Ardan Craes in his pimp suit (elite kurzick dyed purple and tinted spectacles).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirsha View Post
    Fresh from the forge, she deserves it with her 18 months:

    I'm still debating about the colour, I wanted it blue-ish but this just strikes my fancy. Still looking for a weapon set that would match~^^

    god I'm happy. :D
    I'm ALSO happy with this makeover I was finally able to get credits for

    I always regretted my first hair choice, and now it's fixed.

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    First Hi to every1 since this is my 1st post on this forum. I've been playing GW for almost 5 years now but made my mes like 2 yrs ago. If u ask me they r like the best prof but thats just my opinion. So here are some pics of my pretty mes! :)
    Hope u guys like it. :)
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    My mesmer, The Snugglemuffin :D

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