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    I like the 15k Kurzick armor -female ofcourse- , but i dont like the 1.5k, whole different style, im looking forward to buy my 15k kurzick

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    GWOnline.Net Member rodigee's Avatar

    Ya the male Kurzick really diassapointed me. Anyone know what Luxon looks like?

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    GWOnline.Net Member elsydeon's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by zeroxy
    Why does everyone use 1.5k enchanters gloves dyed black? 0.o
    i use performer's gloves (dyed silver silver red purple)

    thanks to the unique nature of mesmer armors (at least the ladies, dont know about the men) the gloves only cover the hands, unlike other classes where gloves also cover the forearm; this means that you wont have your armor mismatched and can add some subtle uniqueness to your character

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ju Smurph's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by rodigee
    Thinking it was a turbin, I bought the 15k Kurzick Mask. Here it is:

    OMG Look at that mask, WWE is going to sue some butt

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    GWOnline.Net Member boxterduke's Avatar

    That 15k Kurzick male jacket is very nice.

    I managed to get the 1.5k Kurz but I'm locked out of Cantha now waiting for CE to come out. If I get it on Friday then the 15k Kurz and Imperial will be mine by the end of the weekend.

    Here is hopes that it comes out

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    Would anyone be kind enough to post the material reqs for Imperial and Exotic outfits please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by upier
    Gratz to Shan and Con for getting their 15ks.
    But as i like to say it - if Shan cant pull it off nobody can.
    The female armor is quite a no-no and i really dont know why
    I'm not sure if it's just the lightning, but it surely makes her looked quite washed out. A shame really since my mesmer has a similar complexion and coloring. The ones that have colored dye look slightly better, but the black corset piece still dominates the top part. I would have prefered longer sleeves I think... would give a little more color to the top part of the armor. You could have them the same material as the skirt with the gold trim. I dunno if even that would help. I think the corset should be worn *under* the dress, not on top of it! It just seems to break the line of the gown (like wearing the top half of a catwoman/superhero suit on top of an evening gown). Maybe it will grow on me... it is quite gothic after all. I had a roommate in college that wore corsets as outergarments when she went clubbing.
    For the moment I have to say my favorite is the 15k imperial (even though the gecko is copping a feel!) Not that it really matters, my mesmer isn't allowed to buy any more armor until she gets a bigger closet!
    Quote Originally Posted by dfscott
    Anyone who's ever worn a bodice knows that it's more like a straight jacket than clothing. The reason is adds a cup size is because it crams your midriff up into your chest!
    Oh my... does your old lady know you wear corsets?

    I have had the discomfort of wearing a corset on a couple occasions... Personally I don't think having my breasts shoved up to my chin is a particularly flattering look, but *shrug* my husband seemed fine with it.

    And Con, I like *both* those male armors. I'll have to take the hubby's mes shopping at some point!
    ~Bella Sera~
    PAL it up!
    No trees were harmed in the sending of this message but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

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    @ Cons 15k Kurzy:
    Armour No4 to buy in Factions - pre-searing, both luxon, and this one. Now the only question is - should i keep my old mesmer on make a new one - since some some of the new male mesmers are pretty pretty.

    Not sure - it might be the lightining, might be the red dye but now the armour looks kinda presentable. The skirt is still a BIG no-no but the pics so amazing that the whole ensamble is starting to grow on me.

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    15k Canthan armour on the left, Obsidan armour on the right. All dyed black :)

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    Quick, i need Pics of:

    15k (male):

    STAT! (along with a list of materials pls).

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