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    anyone have a link or a pic of a 15k male luxon set???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anima Evasen
    anyone have a link or a pic of a 15k male luxon set???
    Here you go:

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    Quote Originally Posted by vader
    Here's my 15k Kurzick combo:

    The gloves, boots, and attire are Kurzick 15k and the hose are Droks. I dyed the gloves and boots black to match the corset and the attire is blue + remover.
    Dye it green, than you look like a german barmaid =D

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    GWOnline.Net Member Altheus's Avatar

    can anyone show me 1,5k and 15k male luxon mask plz??

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    Red face

    Okay let me retry this picture posting thing.........
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    Red face

    Okay maybe this time itll work!! Well heres a pic of Anastasia,my mesmer, in front of that beautiful shrine in Kaineng Center which is basicly a mall cuz its HUGE!!! And this pic really is a nice one to me now that i think about it.Veweey Veweey bootiful

    And last but not least a close up on Once again my mesmer Anastasia Silk Fox
    She has a pretty nice face but the armor is da bomb!!!!!!I just love 15k enchanters dyed pink........or red

    Oh and one more thing!!!!!Sry if images R 2 small!

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    yes they are but from what i can see its very nice looking both the armor and ur face?? :D

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lais Irideika's Avatar

    It's indeed too bad your pics show up so small... we can't see that beautiful face you speak of

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    Can anyone post a picture of:

    15k Luxon Gloves, Footwear and Attire with 1.5k Luxon Hose

    without a mask?

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    thx for the reply

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