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    Dragons Lair + pets/henchies

    Seems that the problem still persists with this mission.

    Not only are pets dissapearing now but I had an odd occurence last night while in a team with the 2 warrior henchies.

    After killing the first dragon we entered the portal and all arrived at the new area, only to have the two warrior henchies run off at great speed across rocks and non accessable areas. Fastest I've ever seen those two move.

    They came back two dragons later and stayed with us for the rest of the mission
    Milan olsivi lvl 20 w/mo Genoir Olsivi lvl 20 mo/mes
    Faran Bloodbane lvl 20 nec/mes

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    That started to happen to me last night on the Third Zone. I saw the green Dots moving fast away from me so I call the nearest monster and they came back and attacked him.

    They then stayed for the entire mission.

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    I'll bet you what it is, is the game somehow still thinks you're in the other area that you just left.
    Or the henchies are somehow in somesort of special subdimensional henchspace.
    You know the place, where only henchies and other NPCs seem to be able to go, but normal players can't. Like when you see monsters on the other side of certain zones.

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    I've had this happen twice...most recently it was just the fighter that ran off...no big deal really, he came back in the next zone...the first time I was capping w/just henchies and they ALL took off and were strung across the rocks...a healer all alone down there was no good, so all I could do was map out :(

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    i keep seeing monsters in walls alot. This part of this issue?

    Thirsty River, sometimes the sand giants.

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    well in presearing if u look out near the battle u can see gwen and some ascalon townsfolk (conspiracy maybe?) but every now and then u see a player there too hmmm

    born to be ele!

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