First off let me say hello and assume that since your reading this post you are a GW player looking to join a Guild, and I am hoping that we at HoT can provide you with an active and fun new home.

So what exactly can we offer you ?

Well….. I am currently spearheading the recruitment of players to “HoT” (Heroes of Talia), a European-based English speaking guild which was set up in August 2005.

We are entering another recruitment phase and are hoping to grab the interest of some new like-minded mature and fun players to join our GW family and hope that some of you reading this may be interested in coming along and adding to the fun.

We already have a solid group of regular members and hope to establish an even more diverse member base in the coming week or so. Our main Guild Wars focus up to now has been mainly in the PvE environment where I would like to start...

PvE for us so far has been a mixed of good and bad experiences. I am sure many of you like us have experienced those dreaded groups full of immature, whining and ultimately morale-destroying players. Well the main agenda for us PvE players in HoT is to maintain our regular team of players who all work well together both in game and on our forum boards. We are looking for mature (please note this does NOT mean old) players who can add to this pool of players and more importantly who want to have some fun in the PvE aspects of Guild Wars. One of our members is actually an old UO role-player who has written extensive character backgrounds and stories in that game and this is something we are very much looking forward to expanding on our website and in-game. If you are after a guild who can offer you PvE help, advice, or even a reasonable loan of gold when and if needed then please consider us.

With regards to the PvP side of Guild Wars I am happy to say that we have spent the past few weeks looking into builds and availability of our members in preparation for our first GvG events. We at HoT like to take the time to get the BASICS right for our guild before we go rocketing off trying things out and as such we have a well-established website and Guild Forum over at :

We have had our Guild Hall and Cape in place for since the Guild’s conception and as such feel that we have a huge opening for PvP'ers who do not currently belong to a guild but wish to become established figures in ours. Any new members wishing to join us in a more PvP-dedicated role will certainly enjoy our discussion groups and dedication to team-work and feedback. Already many of the players who started with us in a purely PvE capacity are starting to team up in PvP and things are certainly looking bright at the moment. Its worth noting the fact that the already substantial success and community spirit inherent within HoT has come in part as a result of our player-base being involved in both PvE & PvP activity. It is however important to stress that HoT has a predominantly PvE player-base at this stage and anyone wishing to participate in ONLY PvP activity may find they miss out on the more social aspects we offer.

Above all we hope to create an in-game family of friends and companions who can work and fight together to meet the many goals Guild Wars offers us. Many of our members regularly negotiate Sorrow's Furnace and our knowledge and skill across all aspects of the game is ever-growing. There is no doubt that HoT is a guild to consider for both beginners and veterans alike.

If as a player you feel you would like to belong to a superbly organised, but fun and above all enjoyable guild we would gladly consider you as a recruit.

So I repeat my initial question……what can HoT Offer YOU ?

1) The chance to join a good-sized, loyal and friendly community
2) A regularly updated website
3) A busy and friendly Forum
4) Your own “personal” page on the website
5) A solid guild-founders base
6) Membership to a 24/7 Teamspeak server
7) Guild Hall
8) Guild Cape
9) A Guild Platinum Reserve
10) A chance to play with mature & skilled players
11) A HUGELY popular Forum Community
12) Regular planned gaming sessions – including THK
13) Guild Banker avatars
14) Regular PvP sessions and feedback

Fancy giving us a go? Then please head over to our website and head over to the Recruitment Link…

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Holy Whisper,
HoTGuild Recruitment Officer