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    Collector's Necro staves and foci?

    Hey, I'm pretty new here, but not so much on Guild Wars itself.

    I have a Necromancer (Zoe Harkness, give me a shout if you see me) who I'd like to give some good weapons and foci. I already have the Death magic focus from Maguuma Stade, but I was wondering if there was an equivalent collector's item for a Death Magic staff (one-handed or two handed). If there is, I'd appreciate someone letting me know, or pointing me to a thread where someone's asked this before.

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    There is one just outside elonas reach, i PM'd you a link to a collector map.

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    That's really useful, thanks. :-) Is there anywhere where those collector's positions are marked on the map?

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    Scroll to the botom.

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