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    GWWC Regionals -- How far down the list?

    So, the GWWC Regionals will consist of the top 12 eligible teams, with each team required to select 10 players. We were speculating yesterday just how far down the list they will have to go to find enough eligible teams.

    The requirements:

    + Have a valid passport by January 4.
    + Remained with the same guild from 5-Dec-2005 through 1-Jan-2006.
    + Have > 50% of the team from the same region.
    + Provide RL contact info to their guild leader. ("Guild leaders may want to start gathering or verifying this contact information soon.")
    + Meet the age restrictions (to be determined).
    + Probably to sign an agreement to go to Taipei if you win (not yet explicitly in the rules).

    So, how many of the top guilds will be able to field a full team of ten people who meet the requirements? How far down the ladder do you think A.Net will have to go to get 12 teams?

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    I'd guess down to 50 or so.

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    just a guess but id say 20-25 tops

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    How many guilds will qualify for the Regional Playoffs?

    The top 12 eligible guilds from each region, according to their final ladder ranking within the Guild Wars Championship season, will be invited to participate in that regionís playoffs. (In Korea, the top 11 eligible guilds plus the defending champion from last year's Korean Regional Championship will be invited to participate.)
    So it pretty much depends on the region as well - right now as KR guild you have to be rank 30 or better to be qualified, 28 for US, and for EU you can still have rank 47 right now and qualify. Source: team-iq.net, Virtual Server ladder

    I think most of the top guilds will probably meet the requirements like passport and stuff, so i guess about rank ~33 for US and KR, and something like rank ~55 for Europe (at the current ladder standing).


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    Think the age restrictions will decide everything. Combined with the valid passport. If they make it 21, some guilds might have problems, maybe even with 18.

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    There is no logical reason they would make it 21 unless they plan on serving alcohol at the regionals. Also, cutting out smurfs in the top ranks, you can probably go down to ~40 for Am and same for Kr.
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    Looking at the Korean Ladder, other then the fact that most guilds are smurfs, theres probably around 10 competetive high calibur teams in Korea.
    Currently we are ranked 19th in Korea and 77th Overrall, Without the Smrufs we'd be around 10th , and still 77th overall.
    Korean Ladder will probably be easiest to make playoffs, but the finals will be hard due too the number of high level teams.
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