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Thread: R/n Mm??

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    R/n Mm??

    I was thinking of this build, where i could put a high expertise to make up for the the high energy cost of summoning and then put a good amount of points into BM to get a good pet. This a good idea, I'd like to keep it with a ranger primary instead of a necro primary.

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    Expertise reduces the cost of all non-spells. Summoning spells are spells...

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    The Animate X skills are spells. Sorry, expertise doesn't affect spells, otherwise I imagine you would see some wickedly good ranger summoners...

    If you want to go summoner, BM may or may not be good, I haven't seen much about it... but you will need Ferocious Strike. That means a 12 in BM, and likely 9 in Expertise. That gives you roughly a 9 or 10 in Death.. which means your minions will die rather quickly in high level areas. Go for a minionbomb strategy if you can.

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    Expertise doesnt lower SPELL costs ONLY SKILLS. Minons = Spells. All Ranger Skills = SKILLS. That said, ur idea wont work. But major tweaking can be made. High Death Magic, High BM (16) Use FS, and that will be ur energy recource thats what i do. However MMs that are Necros work ALOT better, after i made a Necro Ill never use my ranger for minons again.


    oh dang u 2 beat me 2 it lol when i was gonna post there was only his post :surprise:

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    I run a ranger/necro. during my travels I have found not too many uses for necro skills so far. If I want to use them, i'll use mostly the wells (well of blood, well of the profane, ect.) to help heal party members, or add a little bit of area damage when things get a little iffy during combat. I mostly use all of my ranger skills in a poisoner/interupter/trapper role to help assist the group. I have tried using all necro skills once or twice on my ranger, but the lack of energy/blood kept gettting me powned repeatedly and often, so i focused on my ranger primary. completed the hero's quest and now I have to decide wether or no to change my secondary from necro to ?. any suggestions?

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    Well you COULD use Energizing Winds to reduce the cost of minion skills to a managable 10 energy, but you'd still be better off as a necro primary if you want to fool with undead.

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