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    new help and advice

    i have a warrior/monk lvl 6. my aim is to get to grotto to buy 15k gladiator. however i go to ice caves of sorrow, citadel, forge, war camp, camp rankor but no one can run to to grotto. sometimes i ask players to tag me along ice caves sorrow mission so that i can proceed on to thunderhead keep but no one wanna tag me along too although i offer a price. so basically my problem is i am armour-less and low lvl and cannot get a run. any advice where should i go to get a runner from where to where and usually how much is cost?

    so i decided to get people to pwer lvl up me to lvl 20 paying 1k per lvl. is my 1st time getting people to power lvl up me. i dun understand how is it done. can someone explain how can 1 player power up lvl another person? cox i haven't get anyone to power lvl up me.

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    I think you need to start from Thunderhead Keep to run to the Grotto. So at least try to do Iron Mines of Moladune (which brings you to THK). Offer more gold perhaps :-) to get into a group? Those missions are not difficult so it shouldn't be a liability to have a low level tag along. You may even suggest that the necro can use your corpse to raise level 18 horrors, because you'll die a lot

    re power leveling, I think you need to actually get involved in the fights to share in the XP. I would think the best way is to stay back and use your monk skills to heal/protect the tank, generous use of XP scrolls will probably accelerate things a lot.

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