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I've been planning on making a video of some PvP to show people that swords can actually be effective (end prejudism against sword-users! :xmas4: ) and I have a question: I see people always blank out names in screenshots, and is that just something people like to do or is it a rule? Because I wouldn't know how to do that in a video and I imagine the losing team would not want a video of their defeat, and hence I wouldn't be able to post my video. :x-snow5:
The reason why names are blanked out is so that a player's privacy is protected, and its something that this site encourages.

However in the case of video's I can't answer.

Most videos that get distributed tend to have the chat barely readable because being able to read the writting requires a high quality encode, and generally the extra quality to read the chat is not worth the extra file size.

Your best bet is to pm a moderator (such as Zero) and ask them.

You can also avoid this issue by hiding the party list/chat box or by using masks to hide the text. It generaly shouldn't be a problem after you have done your final encode since the chat is can barely be read (if at all).