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    What's with the ads?

    Ever since I've not been a PAL and had to suffer ads, everytime I open up a small number of tabs, FF slows down really really badly and my scroll button and emotes stop working. Even if I have just a little amount of them up I won't be able to close FF and need to cut off the process that's taking up atleast 50 CPU.

    It happens everytime I see that small Christmas ad (The one that links off to the BAA).

    Just wanted to know if anyone else is getting this with firefox cause it's really starting to bug me and I'm ready to just donate again to save the bother.

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    So far I haven't had the problem, and haven't seen that ad. So if you've removed it then thank you.


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    i don't mind the ads, but yes, they are taking alot of processing up.

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    Where are the ads supposed to be lol I am being a noob right now:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cortista
    i don't mind the ads, but yes, they are taking alot of processing up.
    There wasn't alot, and none for me are taking up alot of processing power, but there was one specific one that was slowing FF so much that emotes and scroll and etc stopped working which annoyed the crap out of me. But AFAIK it has been removed as I've not seen it anymore nor had any problems since last seeing the ad I suspected.

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    Its the flash adds. You can turn off flash while browsing gwonline as non flash adds will load in their place.

    There are a specific few that really cause huge issues even with just the one page loaded. The PSP add(s) and several of the other ones that are interactive like this generic idea: shoot the cowboy 15 times and win a free super cool thing and when you get to their site there is a fine print catch to that free item. Because these adds eat a huge amount of resources to run and flash in firefox is not as optimised as flash in IE some tend to have a larger impact on the system than others. They are especially troublesome to those running slower systems or don't have tons of ram to handle them.

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