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    Blood Mage Spike Build

    Why WOULDN'T this work? At 16 Blood Magic, Shadow Strike + Dark Pact = 151 damage in 2 Seconds. Add another second by casting Vampiric Embrace and it's 214 Damage. And you also heal for 113 Damage with that combo! Imagine if 4-5 Necros did this spike...

    What I am thinking is...

    6 Blood Necromancers, 1 Healing Monk, 1 Prot Monk

    Blood Necromancers would have

    Vampiric Gaze
    Shadow Strike
    Strip Enchantment
    Dark Pact
    Life Siphon
    Infuse Health
    Ressurection Signet

    2 of the Necros would have Soul Leech as their Elites, while 1 has Life Transfer, 2 have Offering of Blood, and 1 has Well of Power.

    Healing Monk and Protection Monk don't need to follow specific builds.

    Yes, I know my default build suggestions are likely crap, but do you think it could work?

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    Sry but tested and Failed. Its an old idea. But doesnt work :(.

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    Shadow Strike spikes like this aren't great because the spell deals half damage while the enemy's health is below 50, so the damage isn't really 'worth it' for the cost and cast time for more than one or two hits.

    You can technically spike with Vampiric Gaze and/or Dark Pact, but you need 8 necros to do so. This is referred to as a Bloodspike team and is pretty useless most places, but has a bit of potential in Tombs.

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    Yeh, Bloodspike is not new but it does work imo. And no, it doesn't require 8 Necros. I mean, 5-6 Necros going Shadow Strike + Dark Pact + Vamp Gaze usually did the trick the times I've run it. If well organized, it kills just as well as any other type of spike. :xmas14:

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    Bloodspike does work, it's just terribly easy to disrupt. 2 second casts with no resolve = begging for an interrupt.

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    480 + 60 + 50 = 590 hp characters with a skilled infuser also kinda own bloodspike (Moreso then other spike, thanks to the raised protective spirit 10% breakpoint)

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    Yeah it works. For 3 or 6 fame runs. Same goes for Minionfactory and EoE Bombs.

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    Blood Spike works, just not as well as a ranger spike, rainbow spike, or obsidian flame spike. Because of that it's hardly used.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deaths
    Yeah it works. For 3 or 6 fame runs. Same goes for Minionfactory and EoE Bombs.
    Minionfactory? I have never seen that work, ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shortyafter

    Minionfactory? I have never seen that work, ever.
    I have played it ^^.

    Its kinda fun. We got at ghoustly 10%. U can even combine it with eoe Bomb. Then its more fun.

    All rush in because of the factory and then BomB.

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