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    Simple Henchman Enhancement

    We all complain about Henchmen. Being a programmer myself, I know the challenge of creating a well-balanced AI. However, I think one small enhancement could be made that would drastically reduce PvE frustrations.

    Henchmen need a "regroup" command. You would click a button on-screen, and the Henchmen would run to your position AND DISREGUARD EVERYTHING ELSE. They would not stop to fight, cast spells, or anything else. They would just do their best to regroup around your position.

    After they arrived, they would continue to fight as normal. This addition would not be that hard to implement, and would greatly enhance PvE when Henchies are involved. What does everyone think?

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    GWOnline.Net Member FireballX's Avatar

    You can already kind of do this by running in one direction. Once the hench is outside your 'circle' they begin running towards you and ignoring other things.

    I don't quite see how forcing henches to ball up will do much compared to what I've just stated, but it wouldn't hurt, I suppose.

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    GWOnline.Net Member wind's Avatar

    That would probably solve a lot of problems for some players ... a "Key" to press right in front of ones nose.

    Because right now, like FireballX says, you can sort of do it now and it really helps.

    Just try left clicking like a madman on the ground (not in the exact same spot, make very small positional changes) to reposition within the aggro circle. It will approximately do the same thing as the enhancement you're asking for.

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    Awaiting user confirming email address PrometheusG's Avatar

    How about using right-clicks on the radar to direct henches? So you right-click and instead of a radar ping, the henches attempt to run to that spot and ignore fighting. And if you draw a line with the right mouse button, it draws a path for them to follow.

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    I think this would be very useful when you're dead, or when you are pounded by several monsters.

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    I personally think that the single button henchie regroup command would be a better solution than trying to reposition the aggro circle because depending on where you are at, you don't always have enough room to manuever in order to get the henchies out of the aggro circle or you don't always have enough time to wait for that to happen. Especially when they "suddenly" decide to fight those monsters who just happen to be standing in the poison water. The button might help to keep them from "accidentally" killing themselves by doing something stoopid.....
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    Also, gear thing would be to have ability to "overtake hench"

    Simply, when you are dead and there are henches in team, you can controll selectted one (skills usage, targets, movement ...) - go to party obsevrme mode, select hench you like to controll, press magical button and gui changes - you see hench skills, hp, mana ... and able to use em or simply run away from lost battle.

    when you are ressed, you get kicked back to your body.

    Thos would turn many lost missions into victories and ease frustration.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    i totally agree with recall button. henches die too much because you can't recall them. can be very frustrating.

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    When I want all my henchies to run back to surround me, I just target myself; either it works every time or I've just been lucky, but they seem to leave off of whomever they're beating on (or being beaten by) and run back to me. Now granted, I've only done this a few times and haven't really tested it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member flexiboy's Avatar

    I think a hold button would also be good, so you can lure effectivly :)

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