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    stupid attack speed question

    im was trying out melee weaps on necro cause i was thinking about making a n/w and i noticed that the guy necro was attacks alot fast than the girl necro

    they both used a long sword...
    anyway my question is do they attack at the same speed or is it just the animation.

    cause i keep seeing the girl necro taking slow backhand swings towards the enemy and the guy necro just hacks away...im not sure about him though because not every single swing causes damage...

    so different speeds or just different animation which makes guy necro seem faster?

    plz dont get mad

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    I'd think that the animations are just at different speeds to make it seem like the guys are stronger like the girls. I think it's like how a male ranger holds his bow vertically, and a female holds it horizontally.

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    Yeah I think that's lt. Kinda like how male warriors with hammer appear to hit faster than female warriors when using attack skills.

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