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Thread: holiday events?

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    holiday events?

    Hey guys,
    I just got passed pre-searing and I am now in old asceron, or whatever it's called (sorry i am at work) and I'm looking at what I would call the holidays (don't really want to spoil it if it means anything) and I hear of people taking about past holidays on the servers. Is what I'm looking at really a game that changes appearance due to what part of the year it is in real life?? If so cudos to the makers and the continuos upgrades they must have to do add fun little tidbits in for players, or am I just playing the game at a coincedental time?? :xmas24:

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    Yes, you're looking at a game that changes appearance (and other things) with holidays - search around for screenshots from Halloween :xmas26:

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    I've never encountered a game that does that, how frickin cool is THAT :xmas15:

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    Most of the game doesn't change it's appearances seasonally. For example, all the instances (combat areas) look the same. However, Anet (the Devs) change some of the cities for holiday events. For example, the Halloween update changed Lion's Arch, Droknar's Forge, and the Tomb of Primeval Kings, adding in collectors that traded holiday items for monster's drops, and a "Simon Says" type event in LA, among other things.

    The Christmas event has changed the previously mentioned cities, as well as Ascalon City (so you can join in on the fun too!) There's more holiday items, two quests, (the quests start in LA, sorry) and a Snowball Arena.

    Anet is very involved with the community - there are lots of updates, and they read many of the fansite forums for suggestions etc. Also, Gaile Grey and the Frog visit Lion's Arch occasionally to answer questions. It's a lot of fun. Horay for Anet and GW! :xmas16:

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