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Thread: 55 MOnk?

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    55 MOnk?

    What is a 55 monk? What does a 55 Monk consist? skills? watever? be specific?

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    Check out the Monk Forums for more info

    The 55 Life Monk is a Monk who is wearing all superior runes and a -50 Life Forcus from the Ascalons City Quest. He uses Protective Spirit as well (max damage taken 10% of max life = 6 ).
    Its a farming build which is very powerful agains monsters that cab't strip/shatter enchantments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyhong
    be specific
    Don't demand things, that doesn't get you anywhere. Your questions almost sounded like an exam from college.

    Anyway, the first thread (stickied even) in the Monk forum is titled the Invince-monk (55/105 health build) Q&A, you'll find all your answers there.

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