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    Asended Ele Necro LF solid Guild

    Im Looking for a large, well rounded, fun guild, thats PvE friendly... and willing to put up with a relitive n00b when it comes to PvP.
    I play everyday when im not working and when I am working I play at least once a week... I am usually a soloist (thus why I am not in a guild), but I am willing to help people who need it.
    Feel Free to PM me, my name here is my char. name
    (ps im american based...)

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    Im Still Looking for A stable funloving guild. So to further my chances, ill add somthings about my characters and my wildcard playstyle.
    First is my lvl20 Asended Ele/Nec Alethea Angelis who i absolutely love. shes good when im going solo, and invincable when in a good group. She was created before the infamous AoE Nerf and i use the nerf to my advantage, if i have big bad lvl 24 knocking me up close, i use firestorm to get him away from me, give me time to charge my more powerful attacks. The most entertaining thing to do with her now that she is so powerful, is do the great northern wall mission over again, completely solo (not even a healer hench), and kill off the entire charr invasion force with meteor shower. revenge is sweet.
    Next is my friends Character a lvl 8 ish nec/war: Bat In Hell, nither of us (my friend and i) use him very much but for some reson he has good luck for farming, he got four silver dye drops in less than 2 hours....
    Then there is my newest character, a lvl 7 warrior mesmer that i am currently in pre with, whos name is tamora angelis. she not even a week old. but she is already proving her worth. i plan on keeping her in pre for a while.
    Im looking for a fun Guild who is equally good in PVE and PVP, and who understands that having fun is the point of the game. i want to learn PVP, and i will master PvE. Im good for on the fly "HELP ME" requests, and im one of those players that gets on during the night time. i always repay my debts and if some one helped me i help them in return. right now i owe a boon too a couple of players. Ill even go so far as to allow my guildmates that i owe have my IM Screen name and if they ask ill get on just to help them.
    Now comes the point where people usually ask me why i want to be in a guild. PUG's are like gambling, you never know if your going to get a good player or not... i was throughly impressed by a person who had a lvl 9 ranger in one of the most difficult areas of the game. but then again ill see a lvl 20 asended ect ect ect, who will aggro everything in the area then leave calling us n00bs in the process. The worst i had was a group that stood around and expected me to kill the entire enemy team because i had meteor shower, and when i couldnt do it, because the enemy team had rangers that kept shutting me down, they started yelling at me.
    if i ever have to deal with that again i swear i will quit playing this game.
    okay so will someone give me a chance?

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    found one

    I found a guild, Im now working with The Tides Of Light. thx for the offers every one

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