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    Necro bowhead emote with Collector's Edition

    Ok, i'm sure I'm not the first one that noticed this (I hope not). I was going through all the the emotes with my new necro and I have the Collector's Edition of guild wars. When I reached the /bowhead emote I noticed that it kind of looked like he was um well :x-snow2: ... see for yourself:




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    Yes I have noticed that. I hate it when necros do that over the poor little frog. :xmas4:

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    Haha... it is pretty amusing. but look at the female ranger... its not sick.. like that one, but it looks like shes a zombie who gave up on life... or death for that matter. And you don't have to have collector's edition to see her looking grim.

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    Oh wow, I needed a good laugh tonight . . . too funny . . .
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    I got the Special Edition guild wars... and I see people doing the like dance with the lights around them,., yet whyen I do it.. It doesent do anything... how come??

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    Special Edition is not the Collector's Edition, its two completely different Editions.

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    lol hahahahaa

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    Oh my... I wonder if A-Net knows about this :lol:

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    stop starring he just needs to answer natures call LOL

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