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    Assassin = Ranger in disguise?

    Take a look at the various screenshots.

    I got the feeling they took the Ranger body plus their faces and added some slight modifications to cover that they recycled the skins.

    Similar things could be said for the ritualist - who cares for the eyes if this class usually has bandaged eyes anyway.

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    It's not uncommon for things to be shared like that in-game. emote's are shared over various classes and I also believe the ranger and warrior female share a couple of hair styles (though its been a while since i checked on that one..)
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    Similar things could be said for the ritualist - who cares for the eyes if this class usually has bandaged eyes anyway.
    U can make your helmet invisible so that u can see his eyes

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    GWOnline.Net Member Haradrim's Avatar

    Uhm.. look at the Ele, the Mesmer and the Ranger.. they seem pretty identical to me.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Scutilla's Avatar

    Let's wait until we see the models in-game on Friday, instead of passing judgement based on two screenshots.

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    It goes deeper then that...

    My take on the two new classes is that Anet hasn't really introduced anything truely unique. It seems to me that the Assasin takes alot of traits and builds on them from his fellow ranger; for instance the Ranger has decent attack rates, high damage, decent armor and is commonly played as an R/W using melee weapons. Rangers have poison's and other DOT's which the assasin is bound to have. Now take a look at the Ritualist, Spirits + healing, sound familiar? To me it seems that Anet has split the Ranger skills between 2 classes, specialized, and possibly strengthened them.

    Your thoughts?

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    GWOnline.Net Member GammaRay's Avatar

    If you keep a sharp eye on the regular standing male Assassin, you'll see that he seems to have a male Necro model, but standing upright. The way the legs are in particular screams Necro. Not that it bothers me.

    I didn't care for the basic green armor that was shown, but hopefully there's a nice variety of armors that will appear more badarse than that.

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    i just hope that they can teleport like black mages, maybe even teleport thier weapons or other characters as support caster for escaping.

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    GWOnline.Net Member chin's Avatar

    Well, if you look at it that way, serialkiller, then ANet has pretty much covered everything..
    Mage- mage, sage, wizard, all the same ;)
    Warrior- covers all tank/melee characters
    Ranger- covers rangers.. snipers.. crossbowmen
    Necro- covers all summoners
    Monk- Priest, saint, monk, all in one
    Mesmer- basically anti-character, can shutdown stuff..

    Assasin- high dmg, dot.. just like r/w.. what else you want from it?
    assasins are stealthy and kill stuff fast.. thats all there is to it..
    Ritualist- blind spiritish attack thing?- kind of like smiting.. this one is more unique
    no idea what the ANet version of a ritualist is supposed to be >.>

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