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    Necromancer PvP Templates

    A series of basic PvP builds.


    #1) Attrition Hex Necro

    12+1+4 Blood Magic
    11+1 Curses
    6+1 Soul Reaping

    Life Siphon
    Parasitic Bonds
    Offering of Blood
    Rend Enchantments
    Holy Veil
    Rez Sig

    The basic goal of this necro is spread degen. Life siphon has a 2s cooldown, along with parasitic bonds. Fueled by offering of blood you should easily be able to put life siphon on every member of the enemy team in arenas and a large portion of the enemy team in tombs or GvG. Place malaise on enemy monks to further stress their healing. The self degen should be offset by life siphon. Malaise can easily be stopped by weapon swapping, however it is also easily reapplied. Be relentless with it and it will make life much more difficult for monks. Faintheartedness can also be used for degen if you have the spare energy and enemy warriors are already well hexed. In tombs the soul reaping points can be switched to death and consume corpse or necrotic traversal can be swapped in for corpse control.

    #2) Blood Spike Necro

    12+1+3 Blood Magic
    10+1 Curses
    8 Inspiration

    Shadow Strike
    Vampic Gaze
    Dark Pact
    Strip Enchantment
    Offering of Blood
    Shadow of Fear
    Mantra of Resolve
    Rez Sig

    The goal of this necro is to assist melee or other spikers to kill a target. If timed properly shadow strike should always get the bonus in a combined spike due to it lacking travel time. Follow up shadow strike with vamp gaze and use dark pact to finish weakened targets. While this spike is energy intensive offering of blood should be able to keep it fueled. Be sure to keep mantra of resolve up at all times. This will aid in preventing your spike from being interrupted. Shadow of Fear serves as an anti-warrior support hex that can be swapped out for other utility skills if necessary. Strip enchantment can also be altered for other utility skills as necessary.

    #3) Degen Necro

    12+1+3 Blood Magic
    12 Illusion
    3+1 Soul Reaping

    Vamp Gaze
    Dark Pact
    Life Siphon
    Conjur Phantasm
    Offering of Blood
    Imagined Burden
    Mark of Subversion
    Rez Sig

    This is a relentless hex necro. With offering of blood at 16 blood you are very capable of spreading life siphon and conjur to multiple targets. Stacking these two degens puts your targets in great danger and makes them quite vulnerable to a spike. Once a target is weakened you can finish them with vampic gaze and dark pact. Mark of Subversion will allow you to further stress the monks and force them to endanger themselves. In addition Imagined Burden will function as an all purpose snare when it is needed. While this necro is very energy intensive, offering of blood should be able to meet your energy demands. In an organized team you have the option of swapping to death and running disease as your second degen. Your team needs to be prepared for it though because disease very easily becomes a double edged sword.
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