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    Question Guild Casino/racetrack?

    I've been thinking...there's not really a set place for a large concentration of social activity in guildwars. The only place that really resembles a "loung" would be Marhan's Grotto, and the ice gets annoying. Other than that, the rest of the game is a series of LFG, WTS/WTB, etc.

    Of course, the exception is at a special event (nevermind the "where's the termites" spamming), where ppl gather in certain districts, like LA intxl X and do group dances, get drunk, etc.

    This got me to think, wouldn't it be great if there was a place where every day was like a holiday event?

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a place to actually meet ppl on guild wars? Work the group connections, maybe even find fun people to start a guild with?

    Wouldn't it be awsome to have a place where you could experience the thrill of betting and winning, all the while drinking for FREE to your heart's content?

    If we could concentrate all of these activities into one place, introduce the thrill of gambling, maybe even racing, and pass out free drinks, would people go for it? would people catch on? Do people really want that mass-social environment or do they want to be limited to their guilds, friend-lists and occasional one-minute conversations with other intelligent lifeforms passing by (you know the kind, the ones who say something more profound than "WTS this item that's just like yours for ridiculously more than it's worth, don't waste my time," and then disappear, never to be seen again...)

    I was reading over the EULA, and I couldn't find anything that specifically ruled against gambling in a controlled environment or holding races of any type. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the EULA, or maybe I missed something. I assume there isn't another set of rules (besides international and national law, obviously) that GW follows....so....my main question is:

    Is it legal for us [Li] - Luminous Invictus (a.k.a. Leet Individuals) to host this kind of casino in our fashionable "Isle of the dead" guild hall (with free drinks flowing and good times rolling, you can't possibly go wrong!)?

    If so, are you, the average GW player, interested and/or willing to check it out?

    Are there any ideas/additions/suggestions that any of you have?

    Club Li -- ~Let your wild side shine through~
    (sponsored and hosted by [Li] - Luminous Invictus)

    (PM Vitaeum Romana (<-me, guild leader) for details)

    I'm anxious to read the responses...

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ju Smurph's Avatar

    I didnt't read the whole thing so ignore if necessary, but Casinos are banned under the EULA....

    People used to abuse the /roll command. now you will notice you can't use it in town.

    How ever a social club is a good idea

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    GWOnline.Net Member Uda Duno's Avatar

    I think someplace for players to party down would be a excellent idea. Some place where the WTB/WTS are forbidden and conversations can happen. A place to meet new people without the harrassment of spammers. I would vote for the place and would even bring fellow guild members and friends that arent part of my guild there. A neutral area where we are just being people. You name the place and I will be there with force.

    Uda Duno

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    GWOnline.Net Member fefe's Avatar

    It'd be nice to have a place like that, no doubt. Not even for the gambling, but for the whole social club aspect... a place where I can go to chat, have a good time, and be around people I like without having to deal with the vitriol that so many people seem to enjoy.

    The thing of it is... it'd be pretty hard to keep the annoying ones out, wouldn't it? It's too bad we can't just decide that, like, Maguuma Stade International 1 is the place to meet. (Even on home districts, I've never seen more than 3 people there at any given time... International is usually abandonned :p)

    Oh well... lemme know if this gets off the ground. Despite rumours to the contrary, I do still like the membership in LI... I just fit in a little better where I am now :)

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    Well, the gambling/racing will definitely help fund the idea.

    The way I see it is like this: since ppl are going to be invited as guests to our guild hall, we can kick them if they do unwanted things, but that creates a problem in that I'm going to need a LARGE number of officers to be able to invite the ppl during the "open" hours, I guess. (I am by no means willing to make this my job...I'm a real Estate agent, I don't have time...haha)

    In regards to the gambling and such being against the rules, I've read over the EULA 3 times now, and I still can't find anything that specifically states that. One could say that, since EULA states that all national laws apply (for piracy purposes, I guess), that gambling would be illegal, but the laws here prohibit gambling with actually used currency, and believe me, I've tried buying groceries with ecto and a max dmg -50 hp air wand...they just look at you weird. (maybe they know the air wand doesn't exist..haha)

    Anyway, the point is, GW cash isn't real "cash," so it Is technically allowed (ppl gamble with fake currency all the time here, in grad nights, school functions, etc.)

    But, I could be wrong. This is my biggest concern actually. It's not my intention to violate any rules in the EULA, I just want to make the game fun and awsome.

    It would be good to know that I am wrong before I go out and buy a huge amount of ale and promote this, only to tell ppl that it's illegal and call it off (although consuming that much ale does sound kind of fun...)

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    Join us this saturday!!

    This is the implimentation and manifestation of our vision for a greater social hub in the Guild Wars universe.

    I don't think our forums directly compete with GWonline, so, I don't believe it's a violation.

    Check under "Events" and then "projects," for more information about what we'll be doing.

    Hope to see you there!

    Edit: Flyer says "one of the following locations," actually, we'll have people at ALL or as many of those locations. Sorry about that, small typo.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Nice idea! Unfortunately, 5pm PST Sunday is like the middle of Monday's workday for me, so I've gotta bow out. Maybe if the event were on Saturday...

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    Maybe the flyers a bit blurry, hehe, it's actually Saturday, 5 PM Pacific

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    *looks again*

    My mistake. I don't know why I read that as Sunday... I'll keep an eye out for the inviters then.

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