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    Are Assassins Overpowered?

    i have been playing both the new classes today and is it just me or can the assassin be very very powerfull.

    despite my necro having a health regen of +14 and draining 60 with each vamp gaze i was taken out by a single assassin in under 10 seconds.

    i then did something simialr myself, i had seven of the knife skills lined up so all i had to do was go along the skill bar activating them, i found that if i got the full combo to hit (all 7 skills) that whatever i was hitting was either dead or very close to dead, and the combo takes only about 10-15 seconds to complete.

    This seems far far too powerfull. What do the rest of you think?

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    GWOnline.Net Member glossu's Avatar

    Things will be nerfed in time if they are unfair. We'll see how it all plays out. But yea, I think they are.

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    you realize that a dark bomber can take down a target just as fast right?

    Or even a warrior with 7 attack skills is gonna kill you for sure if they got to that 7th attack and you're standing there soaking it all with your caster armor...

    And an ele of course has been killing casters in under 15 seconds since forever...

    Frag mesmer is still taking down anything under 10 seconds if not 7.

    GB mesmer is still taking target down under 4 seconds...

    so is assassin unbalanced or... are you just new to PvP and it surprises you how fast things go down with a good build?

    The only difference is the pre-made assassin is at least halfway decent than the premade eles/paladins.
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    How to kill an Assassin

    Want to know the secret to counter any assassin, regardless of their build?

    Spirit Shackles

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    GWOnline.Net Member Yazoo's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Telkandore
    Want to know the secret to counter any assassin, regardless of their build?

    Spirit Shackles
    agree, also empaty and spiteful spirit work wonders

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    GWOnline.Net Member GammaRay's Avatar

    Yep. Blackout also demolishes them.

    Anything to mess with an Assassin's attacks will wipe 'em out pretty quick, be it energy denial, disable, damage while attacking, and so on. Pacifism would put a cold stop to an Assassin.

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    its new so its goign to seem unfair, but I perosnally thik it wil be ok a lot of the skils seems a bit iffy to me especially the use after an off hand attack ones

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    not really overpower, Correct me if i'm wrong, the assasin skill must run in ascending order (from the skill desc). if u mess up in the middle then ur whole combo is screwed, cause if u execute it not following the order will make u miss.

    To screw them is very easy, just as u hav suggest put empathy and drain their energy and they become a kitty assasin.

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    Yeah assasins are very strong pvpers imo. They can dish out spikes probably even better than the ranger ofcourse there is no interrupt but its made up by the conditions BUTT assasins are very conditional. You have to this guy crippled to this and enchanted to do that. You have to below 50health to land this move or the foe needs 90percent health atleast to do this move. To make it worse if your lead dont hit your useless for the 10-12sec. Even if you land a combo you will be useless for about maybe 5-7seconds while you wait for a couple of moves to recharge. Also sprit shackles and blind and wards against melee equals a useless teammate. AND finaly most people arent gonna bring 7attack skills. They are probably gonna get 4 for the combo and 3 for defensive or critical strike stuff or maybe even hexes...and the final for the res sig.

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    GWOnline.Net Member GammaRay's Avatar

    Yes, that's another huge drawback to the assassin. Miss an important skill in your bar, and your whole combo is messed up.

    All it takes is a single evade/block from a Stance, Guardian, Aegis, etc. to blow the whole chain. This is why I always carry Wild Blow on my assassin.

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