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    Brainstorm: Easteren Culture.

    The other Assasin threads springled discussions about the easteren feel, look and style. About it being anime, and stuff. Some seemed to felt that it was cathered towards anime fans, tried to appeal to young people or tried to be a marketing plot for the asian release of GW!
    Now, this is not really a suggestion thread, but more of a brainstorming. Perhaps a GW artist, designer or dev, or two could come in here and get inspired and maybe get some new ideas for a weapon, an monster or an new area.
    I think the sky is the limit if we really think about it.
    There is allot more to the east than the stereotype that "some" individuals have expressed about. Im not saying that Anet should copy others work, but new ideas often come from inspiration. Many of the greatest writers/directors/developers and so on, were orignally inspired by other stuff while making their lifeworks.

    Since the game is still not done and more are to be added, I thought we could make a brainstorm of our favorite asian... :



    -TV series/Anime


    -Other(And other asian culture things that could be implanted in GW:Factions. Maybe easteren mythology, religion, history or folklore.)

    I'll go first with my picks, and some of the things I like from the east:


    -Legend of Zelda series

    Without a doubt, one of my personal favorite series from Nintendo. This is a series of action adventure games featuring a protagonist, named Link in green cloth who always have to save the world and a princes. It's really a classic fairytale, but the hele premise of the series is wonderful. LoZ games are known for their action dungeon crawls. One of the hallmarks of the series has been stuff using time in uniqe ways. Some installments like A Link to the Past(SNES), Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask(both for N64) used the time elements in different ways.
    The series has always had music by gaming composer legend, Koji Kondo, who have created many of the most beloved and well known themes in gaming. Like the original Super Mario theme:D
    While the series was never heavy on dialouge, the story and characters always seemed interesting. One of the really cool elements was the abillity to use some different items that changed the gameplay. There was pure hack'n slash stuff with Links bow, sword and shield, hammer and bommerang, but there were also stuff like potions and mounts.


    -Metal Gear Solid series: Really one of my all time favorites. Despite being a simple stealth action game in it's gameplay, it has a story to die for, that you won't be able to find in any movie(IMO). It's crazy. It's over the top. It's totally unrealistic... But I love it. Solid Snake is the man. Hideo Kojimas way of story telling is geniusly incorporated with the gameplay.

    -Final Fantasy series: Not all installments have been the best. FF like most other long running series, have had it's ups and downs, but you can't take away it's impact everywere. The 12th installments is slated for later this year, and is already the most expected game this year in Japan. My personal favorites were 8 and 10, but im sure allot of people will have different opinions, about that;)


    -Ying Xiong(or Hero in the west)

    One of the most beautiful movies I have personally ever seen, this chinese Historical drama / martial arts Wuxia movie by Yimou Zhang(Raise the Red Lantern) stars Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung, Ziyi Zhang, Daoming Chen and Donnie Yen.
    It's based on the legends about the rise of the first Dynasty in ancient china. Very cool movie. Ever since Jet Li came to Hollywood he had gotten allot of bad credibility. His acting in hollywood movie was not his strongest side, and he had a habit of playing a generic kung fu guy who could kick a punch. This seemed like the movie were he really found himself with the westeren audience.

    The movie itself is very interesting. It's told in Rashomon-stylish flashbacks. I really like the fighting in this movie and the use of colors. Many of the scenes are told differently, and so the colorpalette also changes. It gives a very powerful effect to the hole film.
    The action was very impressive and fast, as too be expected from Jet Li.


    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Ang Lee's drama from 2000 features Chow Yun-Fat as a powerful Warrior who has laid his sword aside to live a peaceful life. Of course trouble arise and awesome wire fu comes.. yet again. The movie won(deservely IMO) 4 Oscars and was hailed as one of the best martial arts movie ever.

    Ong-Bak - AFAIK, Ong-Bak was the most succesful film to ever have come out of Thailand. Story is nothing speciel, but I bet people have never seen a martial arts movie like this. Tony Jaa has been called the new king of martial arts. He seems to be the one who will carry the tourch that Bruce Lee ignited in the 70s, and which was passed on to Jackie Chan in the 80s, and on the Jet Li in the 90s, and now to Tony Jaa.
    Allot of the movies selling point and hype was that Tony Jaa did all the stunts and action cheography himself. This might not seem like much but when you see him using Muay Thai(an incredible deadly and violent style of Thai Boxing), its almost impossible to belive. There is a rumor going that he actually hurt many of the stuntmen. Really hit them for real that is. It's probably also the only excuse why the fighting looked so real, brutal and realistic. Andreline rush FTW.

    7 Samurai - Akira Kurosawa has to be the biggest asian director of all time. This classic from 1952 stars Toshiro Mifune, as a samurai, who along with 6 others must defend a villages from bandits who keeps harrasing them. Even after all these years it's still a masterpiece. I saw it for the first time recently, and I was chocked at how well it holded up in entertainment value. Really worth a watch. Tosiro's crazy peformance is gold.

    TV series/Anime

    -Samurai Champloo

    Shinichiro Watanabe's(of Cowboy Bebop fame) anime from 2004, takes place in 18th century Japan. The story revolves around The rogue Samurai Jin, the fierce Animal like Warrior Mugen and the 15 year old tea shop girl Fuu. Through the story they are looking for a samurai who smells like sunflowers. It's an odd thing to base a story on, but it's interesting and funny.

    One of the most interesting things about it, is how the anime mixtures the fedual era of Japan with hiphop. The fighting cherography, had elements of break dance in them, and the music had competent hiphop beats that strangely seemed fit into the series. It was a very stylish but also very violent anime. like Bebop it has quite a few sexual underthemes, but in no way being Ecchi or Hentai. It was defintely more brutal and violent.
    Still it was an interesting take. It worked just aswell in Bebop which had sci-fi mixed with Jazz music and cowboy elements.


    Berserk - Violent.. Very.. Violent. Taking place in a westeren fantasy world, this animes main character, Guts, a young swordsman, joins a mercenary group, were his destiny changes completely. It's really hard to talk about this one without spoiling it. It defintely has some GW in it. Really the design of the male warrior is taken out of here. Classic "knight" armor and all.

    Kenshin OVAs - Have always disliked the series, but was amazed by the OVAs. There were put allot of effort and time into does. Some of the moves they did that one were quite crazy. I remember one scene in particular, were an Assasin is being pulled down from a roof, and becomes dismembered in two, as Kenshin slashs a katana sword through is skull. Litterly carved in two.
    I heard katana swords were much more sharp than westeren ones, but darn... It really makes you think, if that was why japanese samurai and stuff in the edo period didn't had as thick armor or protection as crusaders from the west had, many centuries before?

    So I would like to here about what you like from Asian culture? Let it be music, actors, movies(or movies based on something from asia.. like the last samurai with tom cruise)! Or maybe we have some asians here who have some cool ideas aswell?

    If you think about it, there are a vast amount of sources and ideas, which you can find art and inspiration from some of the examples stated above.

    Think about the cool things you could implant for example. if you looked like at an Vietnam war movie, and looked at the clothing of the vietnamese people, you might could be inspired to come up with outfit to NPCs in GW:F?
    New pieces of music, new types of weapons, new names.. new creatures to fight, new loot.
    Should they make nuddle, tea and ramen buffs?:D eatable fortune cookies? Perhaps add monsters based on asian myths like Tenghu(as suggested by another person in an assasin thread)!?

    Really... what do you like from asia and why. Post it... No matter how crazy it is. And how could you see it in a guild wars preference?

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    Ninja Scroll is a nice Anime.

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