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    Just a short tale of events of a few nights ago ………

    Just a short tale of events of a few nights ago ………

    While at the Tombs pondering the situation where as a mere humble Mesmer I was persona non grata to all the other teams. IWAY teams rejected my amorous advances and Balanced teams saw through me as a person who is the weakest link in their mighty attempt to beat the steamrolling IWAY build.

    So I decided to just for fun create an all Mesmer build team!

    With the announcement sent out on the airways through the Tombs the team began to form. The first player to join the team had the right idea by stating “ This wont work but ill stick around until you get bored of trying to get people in the team “. Little did I know there was a whole slush fund of Mesmers within the Tombs waiting lounge.

    Then we began to get the tactics out of the way – they were all here on one pretence its not serious just fun – so out went the ballet of do you have this skill? Do you have this Spell? Who’s going to be the leader and call? We then decided to select the tactic to just have fun …

    The team set off to fight the ghosts to pick up our Moral boost. How did we do? Well we took those suckers down in 26 seconds – very good start. Then enter into the meat grinder…. We fought an IWAY team in the first tussle this proved to more interesting for them than us. The normal tactics of the team bunching like frightened Rabbits then being slaughtered went out of the window. Some of the team went left, some dashed right some stood their ground. Were we slaughtered? Yes  But it was a brilliant match were the tactics formed organically of duking it out one on one.

    After this situation you would expect that the team to explode in a flurry of insults and people leaving the team – not so. We all decided to go it again not one member of the team left! Onto the ghosts again we took them down much quicker in about 10 seconds,,, Then enter the true PVP we came across a Balanced team “ Phew ! “ We thought that we should at least have some tactics – no – no tactics were decided on just have fun. When the doors opened we all ran out like loons. The Monk of the other team must have had a heart attack as we rounded on him. Not surprisingly he became an ex – Monk very quickly and we started to get stuck in with the other team. Eventually we lost but we lost in style.

    The many battles proved to be a real eye opener - we brought back fun to the Tombs and robbed me of my sleep playing with eight other great sporting Mesmers

    Lady Fear

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    that's an interesting recount of the tale, although you might want to edit that last line about playing with 8 *other* people ;P

    that ghost murdering record is really cool...the highest morale boost i've ever gotten is 8%!!!

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