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    Post your Assassin Builds here

    Alright guys, it had to start sooner or later. Tell us your crazy, wackey, or just all around sweet assassin builds. Tell us your stats for each skill category, the skills you use, and why you use each skill.

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    Deadly Arts :o

    Yay, I made a deadly arts assassin. Original build by me, of course, "Watime Sports Watch"

    Dancing Daggers,
    Entangling Asp,
    Dark Prison,
    Enduring Toxin,
    Obsidian Flame
    Assassins Promise,
    Res Sig

    Dancing Daggers, spell, counts as a lead attack, sends 3 daggers which do x amount of damage (I have mine set at ~16 ea

    Entangling Asp, spell, must follow a lead attack, knocks down and poisons. Very nice.

    Dark Prison, spell, warp to target foe and he has movement -33% for x seconds

    After shock, spell, everyone knows what this does ;)

    Enduring Toxin, Hex, -3 hp regen for 3 seconds, if foe is moving, toxin is refreshed.

    Obsidian Flame, spell, does x amount of armour ignoring damage, causes exhaustion.

    Assassins promise, hex, if foe dies in next x seconds, you gain x amount of energy and all your skills are recharged.

    Basically an anti runner build, It has the added plus side that people expect you to start flopping out comboes, instead you start flinging daggers. Very deceitful, which is indeed the point of this assassin. Not the highest damage, but, y'know, its a support damager, and works at range. Worked well when all the newbie assassins were running when they started to loose. I've never let a runner live for more than 10 seconds after being in casting range *grin* I pondered adding Scorpion Wire in instead of enduring toxin, but because SW only has half range, and if I'm interrupted, I wont ever catch em, atleast with ET you can make sure you've done some damage.

    I've found this build is more of a distraction than a proper 'MUAHAHAH SPIKER' but, as long as you have some damage dealers in the team, you can compliment thier damage extremely nicely.

    Currently my tactics are Dark prison in to the unsuspecting caster, Dancing Daggers, entangling asp, aftershock, move a little, enduring toxin and run a little. They should run after you a little, decide its too much effort and then run back to the battle, letting toxin work its magic. You dont allways have to run, and I dont usually. Use assassins promise and then Obsidian flame on an enemy with less than 20% HP, you'll kill em and get soem energy, and whats better all your skills will be ready to kill the next victim. Unfortunately, this build isnt being utilised to its full potential, as I'm one for wasting faction :D So, I cant fully work a great build, this build is only good, in my oppinion.

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