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    Timing on the condition 'must follow' for attack skills

    Hello everyone. First post on the Assassin forum, please be gentle...and if you can't, please be quick...

    This may seem like a petty issue, but I've been mucking around with the barrels (you know the ones -- they're like pvp enemies except they conveniently don't run away or hit back) and testing the gaps between attack skills. At first, I thought you had to fly down the line: lead --> off-hand --> dual (or some workable combination to the same effect). But as everyone knows, most Assassins have hefty energy issues. I would think that being able to pause between these attacks might give you a few precious ticks of energy regeneration.

    I *think* the timing stands at 3 seconds. 5 seconds is definitely too long, but I've managed to open with a lead, hit twice, off-hand, hit twice again then dual. This is assuming I don't score an offhander. So basically, it's two normal hits', or, if the timing of attacks is the same as the sword/axe, 1.33 seconds x 2.


    Another test I did was spell-casting between attacks. You can definitely do a 1 or 2 second cast between links in the chain: I broke the chain with a Vampiric Gaze (1 second) and then with a Life Siphon (2 seconds). So far, so good.

    But then I slotted a Price of Failure (3 seconds) between my attacks...successfully.

    4 seconds (counted out loud) is absolutely too long.

    So I'll peg it at just over 3 seconds' grace you have between Assassin attack skills.

    Like I said, might be petty, but think of what you might be able to do with that time. If nothing else, it's 3 seconds' worth of a blocking stance or enchantment effectively wasted without your chain being broken.

    Corrections or comments welcome, invited and requested. :)


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    I have obserbed similar leeways in the timing/duration of chaining the attacks. In the thick of combat, I often find myself letting rip with a lead attack, then waiting for my off-hand to recharge and still managing to get it done. There's enough allowance not to make it too hard to chain.

    The only problem I found was for using Horns of the Ox and Falling Spider (from the R/A premade build). Most character get up quickly enough, so if you don't hit the Falling Spider immediately, it fails. Otherwise, more normally-condition attacks should be easy enough to use.

    Your observations are useful, as it opens up more avenues for strategy and tactics for Assassins.

    But for the Energy issue, expect players to go for the more easy to use in general, less restrictive chain attacks, rather than the long, multiple-step combos. I'm thinking 3-step chains (lead/off-hand/dual) rather than the more powerful longer chains, like the ones found in the R/A premade PVP build (lead/off-hand/dual/off-hand/dual).

    Speaking of which, I must say I'm impressed by the guy who designed that build- even without Energy bonuses from an off-hand or Armor, it rarely ran out of Energy, supported by Ranger Expertise. But that does raise the question: will the most efficient Assassins be found only among those who took it as a secondary profession? Besides Expertise, what about Elementalist Energy Storage and Necromancer Soul Reaping? Enough Energy Storage, and you might have enough to end fights quickly. Enough Soul Reaping, you can kill fast, get back some Energy, then repeat.

    More food for thought. It's not just timing but Energy.

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    I noted also that the pre-made R/A was quite impressive. The expertise brings the cost of 5 energy attack skills to 3, which in a spam-string is quite a reduction. As for Horns+Falling Spider, I've tested it with gale (the 3 second knockdown) and it's sometimes STILL hard to pull off.

    I think the most useful attack skill in regards to possible pauses and breaks is Repeating Strike. You can maintain your chain with just one skill, no cooldown, and just 5 energy. The only problem is it doesn't function as an off-hander in the basic chain structure.

    The most potent Assassins I've seen this weekend are custom-build R/As with Tfury. Better armor than an Assassin primary (at least against spells), faster attacks and cheaper.

    And the Tfury speed means that you can do more attacks between these theoretical pauses. I would think that other attackspeed buffs will have a similar effect.


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    GWOnline.Net Member CyanBoy's Avatar

    I tried the tigers fury R/A i made myself.. and with zealous you can spam like there's no tomorrorow!

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    Make an A/R with 16 Dagger Mastery a Zealous Weapon and Tiger's Fury...
    Guess what, you do more damage than the Ranger Primary and you don't have any energy problems either. If you really want infinite energy take Locusts Fury too.
    52% chance to double attack, +33% attack speed, +2 energy criticals and a Zealous Weapon = More energy than you'll be able to spend.
    Having only 12 Dagger Mastery and no Critical Strikes Attribute while carrying a weapon that basically lives and dies with it's criticals ain't all that smart.
    Even axe War's run around with 16 Axe Mastery to get their crits.

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