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    Lightbulb Restoration Tactics

    Thanks to the initiative shown by Fownkaymownkay, I am making this thread for you all to post any Restoration-based tactics and strategies.

    Please keep it OT. :)
    - /\/\arauder. - {IGN's: Bruver Marauder / Mark Of Ritualism -[ZoS]}
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    Alright I think I'm the first one to make the move then. Ritualists won't be able to replace healer monks? Will they? No they can't heal for enough, divine favour is too good. So what about a prot monk? These Weapon Spells would be so good on a prot monk.

    Well. What about both? A Restoration Ritualist, replacing the healer AND the prot monk. See how it works and feel free to comment.
    (I upped the values a bit, how I think they will be at 16attributes, but they should be higher, so the values are not 100% accurate, blame me for it if you want, I don't care)

    //3x Main Heals
    Soothing Memories
    Energy: 5, Recharge: 5, Cast: 1
    Heal ally for 90, if you hold an item, you gain 3energy.

    Mend Body And Soul
    Energy: 5, Recharge: 3, Cast: 1
    Ally healed for 70 and looses 1condition for each Spirit in your area.

    Spirit Light
    Energy: 10, Recharge: 4, Cast: 1
    Ally healed for 150, you sacrify 10% health if not spirit in your area.

    //Defensive+Regen Weapon Spells and 1regen Spirit
    Vengeful Weapon
    Energy: 5, Recharge: 3, Duration: 8, Cast:1/4
    Target Ally steals 60health from the foe that attacked him.

    Weapon of Warding
    Energy: 10, Recharge: 5, Duration: 10
    Ally has 50% chance to block and +4health regeneration

    Energy: 15, Recharge: 60 , Duation: 45, Cast: 3
    Binding Ritual, allies gain +4health regeneartion.

    //Elite for energy.
    Attuned was Songkai {E}
    Energy: 10, Recharge: 60, Duration: 45, Cast: 2
    Hold ashes, spells cost 50% less to cast.

    //Anti Hex
    Holy Veil

    Ok let me explain how it works.
    1) You can spamm Weapon of Warding constantly on 2people, and as they will also be under the effect of recuperation, they will have a constant health regen of 8pips.
    2) You always use your Attuned Elite, for energy.
    3) Now against Rangerspike or IWAY, if you see the target, cast vengeful weapon, IWAY warriors will kill themselves in no time!!!
    And the Rangerspike is generally dead. Vengeful weapon will be the rangerspike killer, no doubts. Rangerspiking will die, like Spiritspamming did, every build had the time of their life, but everything has an end.
    4) As you hold ashes, and you gain 3energy from casting soothing memories, I don't know now how it is, but then generally Smoothing memories should cost you 2-3energy, getting 3energy back means that you can spamm that healing spell and even get energy back from it!!!
    5) Use Mend Body and Soul in combo with an spirit spammer in your team and gg conditions.
    6) Spirit Light, just a nice healspell for 5e with ashes.
    7-8) I think that goes by saying, always recast Recuperation and preveil yourself or your fellow monks.

    Any comments on this build are welcomed, it is generally about having a monk that can do both, prot and heal. Quite powerful. Making energy management no issue. The only problem could be hexes. But hey, why do we have the mo/me's ? let em do the dirty job and blame them for not having removed migraine afterwards :D

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    GWOnline.Net Member stueyman's Avatar

    i ran build nearly identical to this in halls. only difference was i had flesh of my flesh instead of recuperation, as we had another ritualist in the group with it. i liked it, but i'll wait until i get UAS again to call it a great build.

    on that note, we had a 3 ritualist back line and did just fine, no monks. :D

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    i made this build to function as a backline defence. much like the above build, it can heal and protect, with the added bonus of having a nice little defensive trick up its sleeve.


    restorers headwrap w' rune of superior restoration

    +energy body armor w' rune of superior vigor

    +health pants w' rune of superior spawning

    +health gloves and boots.

    attributes: 12 (15) spawning, 12 (16) restoration.

    the skillset goes a little like this:

    attuned was songkai: at 15 spawning you get a flat 50% off your spells, making the downside of losing your weapon alot more bearable. you should have a base of 33 energy, which is more than enough when all your spells cost 0-5 energy to cast.

    arcane echo: mostly for soothing memories. who can pass up a 0 energy 106 health heal twice every 5 seconds? it can also be used for other spells. ill get to that later.

    soothing memories: the famed 0 energy heal. its very nice when echoed if youre facing heavy sustained damage or need to heal someone up fairly quickly alongside...

    ...spirit light: nice little heal as well. with this and an echoed soothing memories you can heal for 384 health in 3 seconds with a 2 second downtime for 5 energy.

    weapon of warding/vengeful weapon: one of these will do, as im certain another player on your team would have the other. weapon of warding is an awesome skill, under attuned was songkai its a personal aegis and (zomg) mending all rolled into one, and its spammable. vengeful weapon is also very good against warriors and assassins. arcane echo it for the best results ;)

    life: mostly used as an annoyance and a deterent for the enemy to rush the backline. still, a heal for when the enemy, yourself, or time kills it is pretty handy, especially if you combine it with...

    spirit to flesh (/rupture soul): spirit to flesh is the main reason i take life over another spirit. situations allowing, friendlies can fall back close to life (or the backline can stand nearby) and cop a ~390 spike heal in an area. you can always swap this for rupture soul as a deterant to assassins and warriors that feel the need to rush your backline, if you feel all the healing is a bit overzealous. at 15 spawning theyll be blinded for 12 seconds and take 140 damage, and sacrificing life will heal friendlies in the area as well.

    the last skill i usually take as a res signet. save flesh of my flesh for an rt with a tad more health, since youll only have around 400 with the superiors on you. it goes without saying this build works alot better with an assisting prot monk :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Too Hot Fo You

    3) Now against Rangerspike or IWAY, if you see the target, cast vengeful weapon, IWAY warriors will kill themselves in no time!!!
    And the Rangerspike is generally dead. Vengeful weapon will be the rangerspike killer, no doubts. Rangerspiking will die, like Spiritspamming did, every build had the time of their life, but everything has an end.
    Vengeful Weapon: For 8 seconds, the next time target ally takes damage from a foe, that ally steals up to 20-56 Health from that foe.

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    Thanks for the information, I guess I oversaw that, damn glasses ^^

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    Tyrandee Aerowind
    i played a restorationritualist in the pvpweekend. i really liked it:D i kinda just used the rit/mo premiumbuilt given but with some minor adjustments.
    my skills were:

    spirit light(heals a lot and if you have spirits up you won't sacrifice health.)

    mend body and soul(heals a bit and takes away conditions when you have spirits up)

    weapon of wardening( gives healthgen and 50%chance people will miss attacks on the ally)

    wielder's boon(gives extra healing when under a weaponspell so i always cast it after i cast weapon of wardening)

    spirit of preservation(heals an ally in the area every 4seconds for like 130health, very usefull) it's an eliteskill
    spirit of recuperation(gives all allies in the area healthgen)

    resssignet(the flesh my flesh takes so many health away, not affordable enough to take it.)

    spirit of life(gives health to all allies in the area when it dies. very usefull and handy!!!)


    1. tell your teammates they have to stick close to the spirits! very important. there are some noobs that wont listen so just leave if they don't. it's so annoying. especially the warriors not listening and rushing in.

    2. summon the 3 spirits, you get loads of healthgain and when the spirits are up there's noway they can kill you combined with your healingskills

    3 when your spirits die summon new ones as fast as you can. the most annoying things are ele's using area of effect spells so all your spirits die, this is were spirit of life comes in handy! i tested it and it works great. it gives health when it dies so you always get a last push. and it automatically dies after 30seconds so you have a mass healthgain anyway when it doesnt get killed. use it properly:)

    4. just cast the weapon spell when you or allies get attacked and heal yourself and others as much as possible. and use the spell that removes conditions when you have your spirits up on allies. very usefull.

    5. some people finally realised you have to kill the spirits first before you kill a healingritualist, unfortunatly they dont know what each spirits does so they will kill the spirit of life too giving you and all allies health again

    this is a large portion of the premade rit/mo but it works good. i'm not even using monkskills in this way so it's a good idea to change the second class of the monk to mesmer or ranger. ranger for evasionskills(even though weapon of wardening gives evasion) or quick skillrecharge(for the spirits) , mesmer for energystealingskills(haven't tried it but this is something i really wanna try, it could give you some extra energy to heal, this is the most important factor a restorationritualist, the energy. most of the healskills are quick recharge so thats not a problem).
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    Spirits or Attunement?

    To me, Spirit of Preservation seems like a nice catch for PvP, along with other skills that are dependent on spirits. It heals quite a bit, although I will admit it can be killed... but there are quite a number of skills that allow you to kill your own spirit for various benefits, so it's not too bad. Creating a spirit build, though, should having this over Attunement, IMO. It also sets up a nice base for your group, and at the very least diverts attacks from the party members to it.

    Attunement seems like a natural for PvE, because spirits aren't that mobile, and would be hard to use without a party that wouldn't mind waiting for your skill to recharge...
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    Ritualist builds

    These are some skill builds i thought of i still need 2 add some skills. If u have any sugestions let me know. These Builds are more 1Player focus builds so i think i need some party skills.

    Ritualist healer
    flesh of my flesh
    spirit light weapon
    spirit light
    mend body and soul
    wielders boon

    Ritualist protector
    vengeful weapon
    weapon of shadow
    weapon of warding
    attuned was sonkai
    wielders boon

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    Ritualist Healer:
    I think Spirit Transfer is far too great of a skill to be ignored. Also Spirit Light Weapon and Preservation are both elites.

    I think you really need to invest a little bit more in some Spirit boons if you plan on bringing Union or Preservation.

    Overall, I'd say they are adequate builds. Nothing too special though.

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