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    Lightning damage

    Why is there so much lightning damage in the Ritualist skill lines? I count 13 skills that have something to do with that type of damage (almost equal with elementalists).
    Glimmering Mark, Thunderclap and Iron Mist become nice combos with this.
    Anything specific about the spirit world that makes lightning damage so common?

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    Well, I think it's kind of other-worldly

    The Channeling Attribute, specifically, mentions that it's related to Lightning Magic, so no surprise you would find many spells with that kind of damage there. Why it had to be lightning, I had no idea - but hey, I think it's cool. Makes more sense to me than having earth or fire damage.

    (Maybe that's a way to buff slightly the Aeromancer armor and the Ranger's one against lightning? Considering how many Elementalist's Air Spells have damage penetration, I have heard people complaining about those two sets as less useful than the others.)


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    I think its due to some people believing that ghosts can release energy after death. Similar to EVPs I guess.

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    Ritualists use Lightning.
    Assassins use Earth.
    Necromancers use Cold.
    Rangers use Fire (mostly).

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