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    Selling a new green item - things to watch for

    Ok we all know how insanely high the Victo items are going for and I am sure many want to punt them off now to make a quick buck and farm them later when the price drops. I know I did so I was selling a Victo Axe thingy and three scammers tried for me first so I figured I would repeat what they did here so hopefully none of this forum fall for it.

    First scam was the age old one, of cancel trade. I let the guy do it once, but he made another excuse canceled it again hoping I would not pay attention so he could swap 100 plat for 100 gold. If someone keeps canceling the trade, just refuse to trade, as odds are they will scam you.

    Next scam is instead of 100 plat, they pop up 10 plat. Repeat the price they cancel and they do this again. Again if you see a wrong amount end the trade.

    Final trade scam is they try to pay in ectos, but offer you 10. Sure ectos used to be 10k, but the price fell. They will insist they are 10k still and you can get your cash back, but you will lose about 30k selling at 7k, which is still on the high side.

    Hopefully this is not needed, but the first two are easy to get caught with if they drag the trade out, and the third will lose you some cash if you do not know the market. Sure some will say no one should pay 100k for an item, but when people are paying this high, and you know you can get 100k easily, why should you pass it up?

    When you trade take your time and before you hit confirm make SURE that you see the correct amount in the trade screen as selling at 100k if you are half asleep can lead you to make easy mistakes and be out ALOT.

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    Good to be aware of stuff like this, not just when trading greens but on any trades.


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    It's easier to know Distric, char name, etc...

    Another thing to do is to always have your finger close to Print Screen (and Control + Print Screen in some cases) when trading, so you can get a good screenshot (remeber to show the UI, though ) and later Report those bastards to Arena Net.


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    a thing that helps is when sumone trys to scam you type all caps

    LEROY JENKINS* using as an example cause tis a widely known noob nam* IS A SCAMMER DONT TRADE WITH LEROY JENKINS HES A SCAMMER and then hes gonna have a tough time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erasculio
    Another thing to do is to always have your finger close to Print Screen (and Control + Print Screen in some cases) when trading, so you can get a good screenshot (remeber to show the UI, though ) and later Report those %@#&* to Arena Net.

    Quoted, but edited :), for emphasis!
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    Also beware as a buyer. A lot of items have the same skin. Make sure you're getting the item you want.

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    Yeah I should have reported the people that tried to scam me, but was not really in the mood to cap, then email. There should be some just /report function that sends the relevant data log to ANET.

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    I thought it happened to me, keep cancelling the trade. But I was paying a 100k and some other stuff for an item (don't remember which one). We both accused us of scamming, but then I remembered your storage can only contain a 100 platinum. The person who was getting the money had some money on her. That was the reason why the trade was cancelled.

    So if the trade is getting cancelled everytime and you're the one giving the money, bear that in mind. But most of the times, yes, it is a scammer.

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    make sure the item you want is the one shown, attempting to buy Elwsyths Long bow for about 30 mins and had countless people (ok 5 of them) try to sell me the recurve bow instead. Don't get all jumpy when you think you are getting what you want, make sure everything looks right before you click accept.

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    I do not give much about ANets support in terms of offensive ingame names and scams.

    You can report people with names that are TERRIBLE, sexual, pervert, racist. I cannot even post parts here, so go figure...

    They are still ingame, weeks after you got notice that support received your mail. I have some real "gems" on my friendlist!

    reportnames@guildwars.com or support@guildwars.com - does not matter.

    It is very problematic to report a scam. You have no proof, so how would you do that. I think your only safeguard against a scam is to be careful while trading and reading guides about the most common tricks. They still require you to fall for them, if you are alert, you cannot get scammed.

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